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You won't be disappointed with this excellent product we recommend! Extremely effective product!!  Expensive but worth it for those who need the very best.


Enzymes and probiotics are the catalyst for all food digestion, are required by the body for healthy gut flora, and are a key support to both the endocrine and immune systems. The unique diversity of our wild plants combined with the most pristine growing conditions possible results in a product 100 times more powerful than any others in the world market! Naturally fermented for 3 to 5 years with no added chemicals or preservatives of any kind. Our nutrient dense composition is naturally unsurpassed!


100 Wild Plant Enzymes and Probiotics
Small Batch Produced, Never Heated and Free of Chemicals, Carriers & Preservatives

The Energy of Life!

Our 100 Wild Plant Enzymes & Probiotics are created from a wide array of wild plants and fruit with a broad range of properties. Our blend is harvested in its true organic state, free from harmful chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Grown within the deep recesses of Korea's high mountains, our plants contain up to 100 times more impacting elements than conventionally farmed plants due to variations in soil, water, weather, air, and ecosystem characteristics.

Once harvested, the flowers, roots, bark, leaves, stems, seeds, pine needles and fruit of our wild plants are naturally fermented for 3 to 5 years, resulting in a nutrient rich supplement that nourishes and balances the Yin and Yang. Natural fermentation occurs free of chemicals or added water, allowing us to maintain the original integrity and healing properties of our wildly grown plants.

Wild-Crafted Ingredients: wild spinach, wild rose, wild rocambole, wild chrysanthemum, wild parsley, wild berries, wild grapes, wild apricot, thistle, broad bellflower, arrow root, worm wood, peppermint, red pine needles, sheppard’s purse, citron, lettuce, allium, fig, cherry, acia, pumpkin, burdock, lotus root, parsley, beet sedum, brown seaweed, adlay, red bean, cabbage, potato, comfrey, plum, reed, evening primrose, plantain, rush, mulberry leaves, wheat, kale, azalea, barley, bean, indian corn, millet, dandelion, acorn, tomato, chrysanthemum, bo tree, mallow, eggplant, pea, ginger, garlic, spinach, mother wart, beefsteak plant, buckwheat, cucumber, pear, apple, orange, black rice, solomon seal, purslane, fern, watermelon, persimmon, jujube, sweet potato, mushroom, butterbur, bush clover, aster, aloe, green tea, cat tail, cactus, day lily, sea lettuce, plum, fatsia shoots, fruit, leopard plant, tangle, narcissus, peach, pheasant’s eye, siberian chrysanthemum, stonecrop, sunflower, sour sorrel, rape, lotus, brown sugar. No added chemicals, colors or preservatives!


Adult Recommendations: 1 ounce daily, with or without meals. Drink full strength or dilute with water. Refrigerate after opening. Each bottle contains 38.8 ounces.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 cc. (approx. 1 oz.)
Servings Per Container: 38.8
Amount Per Serving
Calories 35 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value
Total Fat 0g 0%
Carbohydrates 9 g. 3%
Protein 0 g. 0%

(Daily Values based upon a 2,000 calorie per day diet)




MORE ENERGY, CLEARER THINKING, GREAT. I was pleasantly surprised how I feel with this. Much more energy and clear thinking is what I noticed. REVIEW BY LINDA / (POSTED ON 9/2/2016) 100 WILD PLAN ENZYMES & PROBIOTICS IS THE BEST SOLUTION TO GUT PROBLEMS! I have been taking Enzyme & Probiotics following the recommendations my health care professional. I had digestive problems, (lack of adequate enzymes & probiotics in my digestive system), until I began taking this product. It is by far the best digestive solution on the market. It works fast; is tasty and is bioavailable in my gut. I have been taking this product for several years. It works!! REVIEW BY PURPLESPIRIT77 / (POSTED ON 8/1/2016) EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Excellent product! REVIEW BY VALLORIE HODGES / (POSTED ON 3/14/2016) EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Excellent product! REVIEW BY VALLORIE HODGES / (POSTED ON 3/14/2016) FANTASTIC FORMULA I've been taking this product for 3 weeks and have definitely noticed a difference in my digestion. Less bloating and a much calmer stomach overall. I was concerned it might taste bad, but it is actually really good. The fermented ingredients is "live" and that makes is superior over so many other probiodic formulas. REVIEW BY TP / (POSTED ON 1/30/2016) LOVE IT This is delicious yet I haven't noticed any effect while taking it. I may do a second review when I'm finished my second bottle. REVIEW BY SUZ / (POSTED ON 10/19/2015) THIS PRODUCT PROVIDES YOU WITH PLENTY OF ENERGY. I love the taste of this product! If it weren't so costly, I would drink considerably more.