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D-Mannose for UTI and Bladder Infections

Posted by Sunny on

Happy Holidays. Probably the best gift we could give our customers is a not so well known, yet powerful product, that will remove E-Coli from your urinary tract and get rid of the infection. 

I was one of those who kept getting UTI's.   I reluctantly would take antibiotics, and yes the UTI would go away, but then it would return maybe 6 months later.  I did not want to keep taking antibiotics.  

A naturopath told me of D-Mannose, a natural product that will remove the E -Coli which causes the infection in most people. 

HOW IT WORKS;   D-Mannose is a natural substance that coats the bladder and Urinary Tract. It is slippery so E Coli bacteria organisms cannot cling to the lining of your bladder and Urinary Tract.  So they slip away and die!