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Enema Wheatgrass



 A wheatgrass enema is used for detoxing the liver and bloodstream, chemically neutralizing environmental pollutants , including radiation, and helps the blood.  It also helps to heal the colon, not to mention the direct infusion of nutrients into the bloodstream when used as an enema.   


PureLife Health Equipment offers only the very best Wheatgrass Enema "Juice" Powder for enemas.   It can be used as a drink too!

 Unlike ordinary wheatgrass powders, this special  "Juice Extraction",  is nutrient rich, and is the most detoxifying wheatgrass powder on the market.  No other wheatgrass powder processing technique comes close to juice extraction method.  Purelife Enema Specific Wheatgrass will also dissolve much better than other wheatgrass powders on the market.  


What is the Difference Between A Wheatgrass Enema and A Coffee Enema?


Both the wheatgrass and coffee enema will detoxify the liver, but the wheatgrass enema will be a much milder detox than a coffee enema.  

The wheatgrass enema will deliver nutrients to the blood and body, whereas the coffee enema will not.

The wheatgrass enema has a healing effect on the colon walls, whereas the coffee will not.

People who are very sensitive to caffeine will use a wheatgrass enema as an alternative to a coffee enema.

A wheatgrass enema is easier to hold in than a coffee enema.

Basically, the coffee enema is for detoxifying the liver and blood, whereas the wheatgrass enema will add nutrients to the body, and have a mild detox effect on the liver.


Can I Do Wheatgrass Enemas and Coffee Enemas At The Same Time?

Always seek the advice of your doctor before doing enemas.   Most customers will find if they are doing a coffee enema program, they will add in a wheatgrass enema and alternate days they do them.  One day a coffee enema, and another day a wheatgrass.   People who feel their bodies are lacking nutrition will do wheatgrass enemas to get a boost of energy from the nutrients.   Wheatgrass enemas can be complimentary to coffee enemas.  But don't do the coffee enema and wheatgrass back to back.   Space them apart.


Wheatgrass Enema Preparation

It is always best to use a glass enema bucket for wheatgrass enemas.   Purelife is the only company to offer glass enema buckets.  You can click here for this bucket.   Glass is best for wheatgrass enemas because it wont stick to the bucket, and it is the easiest bucket to clean!   You can also see through the bucket and monitor the solution level.  Plastic buckets are not recommended for any long term use.  Plastic will eventually break down, whereas glass is forever.   Simply add 1/4 to 1/2 Teaspoon of our powder into 2- 4 cups of distilled water in your enema bucket. Stir and dissolve the powder.  You are ready to go!  It's easy.

Hold the wheatgrass enema in for 5-15 minutes. Laying on your right side.  You can also change sides if you want during the enema.  Then expel into the toilet.








This wheatrass is pure, freeze dried, never heated.  Inexpensive traditional powders use heat, which will cause a loss of nutrients.  

This "Juice extracted powder"   is packed with living enzymes and nutrient dense enough to be considered one of the most beneficial raw wholefood supplements on earth. Essential enzymes include protease, cytochrome oxidase, amylase, lipase, transhydrogenase, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). 

Experience the refreshing and energising components found in wheatgrass powder.