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Essential Oils for Enemas

Therapeutic Essential Oil Enemas For Intestinal Cleansing
Essential Oils can be  helpful when used as an enema or rentention enema. Some can be added to your coffee enema as well.   We offer only high quality organic therapeutic grade essential oils.   These are the highest grade of essential oils containing the life source of the plant and the highest healing frequency. Nothing is added. No fillers, etc.
Therapeutic grade essential oils work because their nutrients are easily assimilated on a cellular level. When properly processed, therapeutic grade essential oils are safe to use with enemas,  colon hydrotherapy and rectal implants .  Always follow the directions for dosage and contraindications.  

Glass Enema Buckets work the best with essential oils, as it is so easy to clean the oil off glass.  Stainless Steel will work well too. Not recommended with silicone bags as the oils might be difficult to clean out after.  

Essential oils used in an enema can have powerful benefits on the intestines and colon, such as eradicating parasites, candida albicans, fungus, lymes.  And some are calming to the colon.