Which Enema Kit Is Right For Me?

How To Choose Your Enema Kit


Choose an enema kit according to what type of enema you will be doing.

Water Enema Only: Choose a 1 or 2 Qt size Purelife USA Stainless Steel Enema Kit, 1 – 2 Qt Purelife Glass Enema Kit, or Purelife Silicone Enema Bag.   (4 cups = 1 Qt)

For Coffee Enemas:Choose a 1 or 2 qt USA Stainless Steel Coffee Kit, glass kit or silicone bag.  

For Salt, Wheatgrass and Essential Oil Enemas:  We recommend first our Purelife Glass Enema Kits because they are the easiest to clean when using these types of solutions. Next, we recommend our USA stainless steel kit, but for salt enemas you must wash and dry your bucket immediately after each use, because salt can damage stainless steel. 

Silicone is not recommended for wheatgrass enemas or essential oil enemas because it may be difficult to clean grass and oils from the silicone.

Beginners:  If you love glass, please also buy a plastic bucket to practice with first.

High Grade Plastic Enema Bucket - 2 Qt plastic buckets