About Coffee Enemas






“ I was not feeling well for a long time. My friend kept urging me to try a coffee enema and I thought she was crazy. There was no way I was going to do That! Butt….I was getting desperate to feel better and I saw the results She had after she had done coffee enemas for severe toxic poisoning in her system. Okay, okay..I’ll try it.   AMAZING!! I felt amazing after. It was no big deal and the results were INSTANT relief! The pain, nausea and tiredness were gone. It was not the caffeine that removed the tiredness I had. It was the chemistry of coffee that removed the toxins which were stuck in my liver and blood and organs! Those toxins were making me sick and also tired.   The Purelife Coffee Enema did not make me feel as if I had drank coffee. No, it was a very different effect. I felt refreshed inside and calm and a new type of natural energy I had not felt for a long time.   It was like an “Inner bathing” of my body cleansing out all the toxins which had accumulated thanks to living in the modern world we are in that is full of pollution in our air, water, food and medicines.  

I was so thankful to her for nudging me to do this. I did another Purelife coffee enema the next day and then did them on and on to make sure all those toxins were gone. I felt GREAT.

And I continued to feel great after I stopped the coffee enemas!




It was discovered in the 1940’s. And then researched by an MD, who found out why it worked so well to detox the liver and blood of poisons.   It is simply super clean coffee which is prepared, and then put into an enema bucket, and administered through the rectum via the enema tube and nozzle.   It is held in for 15 minutes as the coffee solution travels up to the liver, opening the bile ducts, and forcing the toxins held there to be released and finally expelled in the toilet after going to the bathroom.

While the coffee is traveling through the blood stream and brain, the blood and brain is also detoxed. That is why many people with migraines report that their headaches went away permanently after doing a coffee enema.

For those of you who believe heavily on traditional medicine, you will be happy to know that coffee enemas were listed in the Merck Manual physicians book in 1984! And today, many many MD’s are heading toward coffee enemas to help their patients.




Water enemas are for cleansing the colon. Water enemas will not be able to open up the bile ducts in the liver to release the toxins stored there.   For those who only want to keep their colon free from constipation and bacteria in the colon, water enemas work fine. You would not get the same results with a water enema for toxic overload of the body, as you would using a coffee enema. Water enemas have been around since ancient times of Plato and they were used during the times of Jesus as people would go to the river, take a gourd and stalk straw and insert the water into the rectum and cleanse their bowels.   They knew it was important for health if the bowels were unclean.




It is widely known that there is really only two causes of illness in the body: 1) lack of nutrition 2) too much toxicity in the body.   If you have either, then your body will begin to suffer and become imbalanced, and illness results. A simple answer is that coffee enemas can help with almost anything as long as you are also receiving proper nutrients through juicing and a healthy diet .




Do NOT use the Purelife Enema Kit if you have any of these conditions:


. Intestinal blockages


. Acute diverticulitis


. Appendicitis


. Severe weakness


. Severe dehydration

. Anal Prolapse

. Rectocycle


Always seek the advice of your Doctor first before starting coffee enemas.  

The information on this site is not intended to diagnose a condition.  We make no claims to cure an illness.  We are not doctors and do not prescribe our products.  











Unfortunately, toxins are everywhere. They have been here a long time since the modern industrialized world began.  





The answer is that although most medical doctors will not offer or support coffee enemas and are trained and educated in administering drugs to patients, coffee enemas were actually listed in the Official Merck Medical Book for Physicians.   Today, many MD’s are including coffee enemas in their protocol for patients with certain conditions.




Environmental toxins have been around for a long, long time. They come in many forms, such as chemicals sprayed on food when being grown in the soil. Animals being shot full of antibiotics which eventually get into the meat that you would eat. Car exhaust fumes laden with carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde. Coal producing industry produces mercury heavy metal poisoning, pesticide spraying, trash incinerators. PFC’s from non-stick cookware. Nitrosamines from cured meats. Carcinogens from plastics manufacturing. Lead, from paint and pipes from older homes.   And so much toxins in our tap water, including hormones and pharmaceutical drugs.  



Basically, coffee enemas will aid greatly in detoxing these heavy metals that you are bombarded with on a daily basis.     Currently today heavy metals in our environment are so high, that who cannot do without a coffee enema? We are speaking of aluminum, lead, nickel, uranium, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, tin, antimony beryllium and so much more. We are saturated and surrounded.   Thank you heaven for the coffee bean!!  Simple, natural and inexpensive. Coffee in enemas safeguard your body. Maybe everyone should have a kit in their bathroom, just like we would have aspirin.   Or maybe we don’t need aspirin since coffee enemas help the common headache and migraines.  It is natural and...inexpensive!




Yes, chemicals abound in all of our food. Whether it’s from spraying herbicides and pesticides on our crops or adding them to processed foods. When reading a food label these days, you need to be a chemist to understand what you are eating. This is why we love Gerson Therapy, because they advocate the elimination of everything man made or touched by man, in favor of natural, organic raw food in its original state.   You get the vitamins and minerals you need, as keep out the dangerous toxic chemicals that your body just isn’t designed to process.





By detoxifying the liver, you will:


  • Eliminate or reduce the causes of many types of pain you experience in your body.
  • By detoxifying the colon, you will:
  • Eliminate parasites from the colon which cause many illnesses in the body.
  • You will feel an overall sense of wellness and peace in your nervous system, mind, or emotions.   As your body is releasing toxins, it removes the aggravation they cause.




When toxins enter and attach to your nerve cells, things start going haywire, including the way your brain functions.   Toxins short circuit everything.




Imagine taking some rubbing alcohol to clean dirt on the skin. Coffee has the same effect on the colon. It will remove a layer of mucous from the colon.   Mucous is sticky substance that should not stay on the colon walls, because it can be loaded with toxins. Those toxins can then seep through the colon walls and into your other organs.   So, the colon needs to have its mucous membrane removed, just like you would clean a dirty wound.




Water enemas are used to wash out the colon and remove the toxic substances.   The colon is often full of bacteria, parasites, yeast and much more. So, a water enema and coffee enema will help to do this.   Did you know that candida yeast in the colon will actually eat its way through the colon walls and into your bones. The bacteria then begins a feast on the calcium in your bones. Then you may have osteoporosis.   Osteoporosis is a lack of calcium in the bones. But how are you losing that calcium?   Candida Albicans is one way you lose your calcium.




Coffee enemas create peristalsis, which means it acts to stimulate the colon and liver. When the colon is stimulated, it starts to move and gets going with its job.   You don’t want a colon or liver asleep at its job.   Its needs to awaken and work. So, the enemas will help to move out the fecal matter much better.   And when you do them often, it can remove layers of the hardened fecal matter and sticky food by products.   For example, bread and rice or pasta will turn into a type of glue in your colon and stick to the walls.  




Diverticulosis is a serious condition.   It is a pocket which is created in your colon. A pocket that should not be there.   In that pocket food gets trapped as well as dangerous bacteria. It sits there and cannot be moved out easily, since it is trapped in the pocket.   How did the pocket get there? By having constant constipation, overeating, eating the wrong foods, can create the pockets. Enemas can help remove the debris from the diverticulosis pocket.


Diverticulosis is a ballooning in the colon, and when the food gets stuck and putrefies, it will cause gas and flatulence, and most importantly, seepage of toxins in the body.




If you don’t eliminate and go to the toilet regularly throughout the day, then the food in your colon will start to putrefy. It will cause oxidation to occur. That will affect your tissues negatively. A coffee enema will help to reverse that. It is an antioxidant that prevents that from happening.  


The liver is very sensitive to oxidation and it can happen in the liver too. The coffee enema will help protect the liver from this process and regenerate the liver.




Your body is made of water. The colon needs that water to help flush the food out. If you are dehydrated and don’t drink enough water or eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are plump with water, then you will have constipation.   This is why so many people use dangerous laxatives. They are not getting enough water into their colon.   Enemas will give the water to the colon but remember to eat those fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water. Like watermelon. And drink water throughout the day.




Keep your gut alkaline. Coffee enemas will increase your gut P.H so it is more alkaline.   When your intestinal system is alkaline, you will have less parasites. Parasites cannot live in a colon in an alkaline state.




A healthy colon will not produce gas or flatulence. If you have only a little gas, then know that it can be a natural occurrence due to the combination of foods you are eating. It is a chemical reaction that causes gas, and not too much to worry about.   But if you have severe ongoing gas or flatulence, then be assured something is amiss in your colon.  

Gas is not easy to remove. You may try changing your diet to a healthy one full of veggies and fruits, and still have gas. Why? Because natural fiber foods are like a broom in the colon and can stir things up a bit, causing even more gas.  


Once a person has diverticulosis in the colon, they will never be free from gas or flatulence.   But gas can be minimized. Remember too that certain combinations of food will create gas. It is a chemical reaction that is natural.

But there is also the unhealthy gas which is produced by putrefaction in the stomach or colon, which causes fermentation. And fermentation causes bacteria. And bacteria cause illness.


So keep your colon clean.




Enemas can be very beneficial to the colon because they can help restore the bowel to regular bowel movements, which in turn removes the waste being stored in the colon. And that waste has toxins which seep into the body and tissues, and liver.  





Water enemas are for cleaning the colon, whereas the coffee enema is for both detoxifying the liver and colon. Water alone in an enema cannot detoxify the liver.   Coffee enemas can detoxify the liver by bringing down the bile of the liver and stimulates the bowel wall to throw out toxins in the colon as well.




Coffee contains palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is important in detoxifying the liver because it is believed to increase glutathione S-transferase.   And that is an enzyme vital to the liver functions. It works as part of the livers detoxification network. So what coffee enemas are believed to do is bring up the S-transferase level over 500% in the liver and over 600% in the bowel.  Dr. Max Gerson explained that the caffeine in coffee will dilate the bile ducts in the liver and produce bile flow. The ingredients of coffee called Theophylline and Theobromine dilate the blood vessels in the liver and counter the inflammation in the gut. So, it is the S-transferase that removes the toxins from the blood.




Unless you are super sensitive to caffeine, there should not be any jitteriness after doing a coffee enema.   Unlike drinking coffee, coffee enemas should produce only a sense of calm and real energy that comes from toxic overload being removed.   Caffeine, when used as a drink, can have the effect of nervousness.   If you do experience some jitteriness after a coffee enema, then you are making your coffee enema too strong or using too strong a coffee.   Medium Roast coffee will have the least effect. So for those who are sensitive, use Medium Roast.




Purelife Enema has specialized in making coffee for enema use since 2013.   We are Pioneers. And we are the only company to offer 3 levels of enema coffee: Medium, Light and Ultra-Light Gold Roast (aka Green Beans). 


Medium Roast Enema Coffee:


It is the darker of all 3 roasts. So it is cooked more than the other levels. Medium roast is best for those just starting out and those who don’t want or need a powerful caffeine level. It has a gentle, yet thorough, detox action. Medium roast is recommended by Gerson for their patients. It will have less caffeine, but it will be the best for improving antioxidants like glutathione. Available in ground or whole bean.

Medium Roast Enema Coffee: Fora gentle detox, medium roast has the lowest caffeine level. This is our best seller.  Medium Roast is recommended by Gerson for their patients.


Light Roast Enema Coffee: Slightly higher in caffeine and palmitic acid. Works well for beginners or advanced. Higher in caffeine means more stimulation of the bile ducts to open.  Available in ground or whole bean.


Ultra-Light Gold Roast: Has the highest caffeine of all 3.   Was used by Gerson for their patients many many years ago, but they feel it’s too strong for the elderly or frail.  Available only in ground form.




If you are experiencing a good detox and feel great, then there is no need to change the enema coffee you are using. If you start with the medium roast and it works well, there is no need to go to a greater strength level. But if you still feel you have toxins, you may want to try a step up in strength. For those who have heavy metals and have had direct toxic exposure and serious illness, you might want to use the Ultra-Light Roast to start off.




The last thing you want in your system is mold or fungus, so make sure your enema coffee is mold and fungus free.   At Purelife Enema we buy only a specialty grade bean which is mold and fungus free. Coffee is known for heavy chemical spraying and also mold loves coffee, so you don’t want to buy from the store if you can help it.   Store bought coffee does not have a concern for things like chemicals or mold. Whereas enema specific coffee is made with the thought of purity in mind. Clean beans are so important. You don’t want anything impure going into your liver.  




Purelife Enema coffee is not only certified by the USDA as 100% Organic, but it is also certified again by another 2nd agency. At Purelife Enema we specialize in coffee for enema therapy because it is crucial the coffee be as pure as possible.   Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops. It is drenched in pesticides.   But Purelife Enema Coffee is thoroughly regulated and we don’t have just one certification organic, but 2.   We promise you the cleanest coffee for enemas.  Our specialty grade beans are in the top 3 percent, which means they are of the highest quality.  





  1. Currently undergoing chemotherapy
    b. Renal, cardiac or respiratory failure
    c. Bleeding and/or ulceration in the colon tract
    d. Ulcerative Colitis
    e. Crohn’s disease
    f. Ileostomy (no colon)
    g. Hypertension and/or tachycardia
    i. Acute or ongoing chronic diarrhea until investigated by a physician
    j. First 6-8 weeks post-surgery (always check with your primary physician or Gerson Practitioner)





Purelife Enema has something for everyone, and we are the only USA manufacturer of Enema Kits, such as the USA Made Stainless Steel Enema Kit.   Why do we only make and sell stainless steel enema buckets from the USA?   Because of regulations governing the non-toxicity of stainless steel.   Our USA stainless steel comes form the USA and is a clean stainless steel.   Every sheet is tested for toxins, such as cadmium.   If you buy an import from China, you really are not guaranteed what you are getting, no matter what they say.   We wanted our customers to have the best for detoxing.


The equipment can be an enema bucket, or enema bag.   There are a variety of buckets, from plastic to stainless steel, to glass. So which enema bucket is best?   It depends if you are doing only a few enemas a year, or a few enemas a week for a long duration.   We do not recommend plastic for long term use. If you want to use it a few times and toss it away, then it’s okay. But plastic enema buckets will leech over time. So, you may want to buy a stainless-steel enema bucket which will last a long time without leeching.     Now if you want a non-toxic see through enema kit, you can either try the silicone enema bag, which is harder to clean, or go for the glass enema bucket, which is considered the top of the line enema equipment because it is see through, easy to clean, and made of pure non-toxic glass. Glass is preferred by those who have metal allergies.  It is dishwasher safe .  And glass is an eco-friendly material.


Disposable enema bags should only be used for travel and used 1 x.   But if you do travel a lot and want the best material that won’t leech, then buy a silicone enema bag.   They are a bit harder to clean than buckets, but for travel they are great. And you can see through them.




For the best enema tubing you would want silicone enema tubing. It will be transparent, flexible and long lasting. It can stand high heat and won’t break down.   You don’t want to use PVC plastic enema tubing. It will degrade and leach and it’s not very flexible. You can get by with a 4 foot to a 6-foot length enema hose, depending on how far away your bucket or bag will be from your rectum.   Some people want their enema bucket close, and others have it far away. 5 feet is the average length.  


A nozzle is a personal choice. There are straight nozzles, tapered nozzles, and enema retention nozzles which are designed to help keep that coffee enema in. Some people prefer a colon tube over an enema nozzle because the colon tube is thinner and can go up a little higher.   You don’t want to go high up in the colon. 6 inches is max.







1)    Place 4 cups of distilled water into a medium saucepan and put on the stove

2)    Place 3 tablespoons of enema coffee into the pot and stir in.

3)    Turn the stove on high and bring it to a boil.

4)    Cook for 5 minutes on high

5)    Turn down the stove to a simmer, cover and cook for 15 minutes more.

6)    Remove from stove and let cool to luke warm. (I put mine in the freezer for a quicker cooling down)



Step 1: Pour Your Solution into Your Bucket or Bag

Take your enema bucket or bag, and make sure the clamp on the tubing is shut closed.

Take your coffee enema strainer and put over the bucket, and slowly pour the cooled coffee solution into it. This will strain out the coffee grounds so they 

 don’t clog your tubing or nozzle.


1 Quart of coffee solution is needed for 1 coffee enema.


Step 2:  Get The Air Out Of Your Enema Tubing

Take your enema hose and aim it into your sink or toilet. Open up he clamp and allow the coffee solution to run through the tube to push the air in the tube out. Then quickly clamp your hose shut.


Step 3: Where To Hang or Place Your Enema Bag Or Enema Bucket


You can hang your bucket or bag on a doorknob, or over the towel rack or in the shower on the rack if you are going to lay down in the bathtub.   Do not hang your enema bucket more than 18 inches higher than where your bottom will be.   You don’t want a real fast flow.


You can also sit your bucket on the toilet seat or a stool or counter top.


Step 4:   Place an Enema Blanket or Pad or Towel On The Floor.

Some people prefer a towel, and some like to use either a disposable enema pad or a re-useable washable enema blanket to lay on.   You can also use a clear vinyl sheet and lay it over your towel, so the towel will be kept clean. A vinyl enema sheet can be wiped cleaned easily.


Step 5: For A Water Enema

Lay on your left side.

             For A Coffee Enema

Lay on your right side.


Step 6: Gently insert the enema nozzle or enema tip.

             Open up the clamp and allow the enema solution to flow through slowly. If you feel gas or pressure, stop.   If the gas subsides, you can continue until 2-4 cups are inside your body.   Some people can put the entire 4 cups of coffee enema solution in, while others can only put 2 cups in. If you can only put 2 cups in, then you will have to hold that 15 minutes, and then do a second coffee enema with the remaining 2 cups.   4 cups total.


Step 7: Hold The Coffee Solution in For 15 Minutes





Some people have trouble holding the coffee enema solution in for the full 15 minutes. There are many reasons it can be difficult to do so, and even long-time coffee enema users can have trouble at any point in their lives.  


To rectify this, you should always do a plain water enema before the coffee enema. The water will clean out the colon or empty it, so it is not so disruptive when you put coffee in.


You are possibly letting the coffee go in too fast. Allow your body to accept some enema coffee and then close the clamp and let your body adjust to it. Then open the clamp and let more solution in.


You could have gas in your colon which makes it harder to hold the enema in.


You are maybe using too strong a coffee enema solution. You can dilute your enema solution if you need to, with distilled water. Not too much though. But you can add a little water.


You can try adding a little Potassium Compound Salt to your coffee enema solution.


You can try using an enema retention nozzle, instead of the traditional straight nozzle. The enema retention nozzle is designed in a way to plug up the rectal opening to help hold the coffee solution in.


Make sure your mind is calm and peaceful when doing the coffee enema. If you are nervous or upset, it can affect your colon and the tension will make it harder to hold the coffee enema in.


Step 8:   After 15 Minutes, Go to the Toilet and Release the Enema





Because coffee enemas can disturb the electrolytes and minerals in your body, you can take a mineral supplement after.   But if you are drinking 3- 8 oz organic juices per day which you have juiced from organic vegetables and fruits, then you might not need a mineral supplement. If your diet is rich with raw vegetables and fruits, you may be fine without a supplement. But because the soil is so mineral depleted these days, even if you are juicing and eating raw vegan, you still might feel better using an additional mineral supplement. We recommend our Fulvic Minerals.




It is recommended that you take a probiotic after a coffee enema, or water enema.   Since you have just cleaned the colon of harmful bacteria, then it is the perfect time to introduce good bacteria in by taking a probiotic or mix up a probiotic powder to drink.   We also have probiotic powder which dissolves well and you can use as a probiotic enema to introduce probiotic friendly bacteria directly into the lower intestine.









Purelife Health Equipment has been producing mold-free and fungus-free enema coffee since 2011. We are an American owned and operated company, taking great care for our customers needs in having an effective and very clean coffee.


Purchasing a trusted Enema Coffee is Important! After all, this is going into your colon, blood and liver.  


Here are 7 Things To Look For and What We Provide In Every Bag


1) Certified Organic. USDA logo must be on the bag label.   A 2nd certification by a third party is even better.  Pesticide free.


2) "Speciality Grade" fungus and mold free beans.


3)  "Air Roasted beans" , rather than fire drum roasted.

Photo:   Unwanted chaff is separated from the coffee during Purelife's unique Air Roast Process.   With fire roasting,  the chaff will be left in the coffee, thereby making it less clean.



4) Roasted in a clean facility that only roasts organic coffee.  (No soy, peanuts, wheat, etc)

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved!



5) Coffee being shipped fresh and direct from manufacturer to customer.   Not from a fulfillment center warehouse where the coffee may sit for a month before being shipped, and is not being exposed to detrimental elements.


6) Gerson Accepted


7)  Long history of enema coffee roasting and use by customers


USDA Certified Organic Coffee – 


All of PureLife Enema Therapy coffee is USDA Organic and our coffee is certified 100% by Oregon Tilth.  This certification ensures the organic integrity of our coffee from origin to you, our customer. Also, note that our coffees are never roasted in machines that have roasted conventional non organic foods of any type! It’s a “clean” coffee, which is important when it comes to liver detoxification. We NEVER use any fillers in our coffee! What you get is 100% Specialty Grade organic coffee only. 


Air Roasted vs. Drum Roasted 


All enema coffees that PureLife manufactures is specially “Air Roasted”, and not drum roasted.   Store purchased coffee is drum roasted using fire to heat up the beans to remove the shaft of the bean. This “Fire” can burn the beans, and burnt beans are not good for you. In fact, California Proposition 65 warns that fire drum roasted coffee may contain harmful carcinogens.  And fire roasting can leave some of the beans shaft residue in the coffee.


PureLife “Air Roasting” process pops off the skin of the bean through the use of air.  It is similar to popping corn. And you will never get burnt “unclean” beans.  It is the cleanest coffee you can buy for a liver detox. 




There are 3 Types of Enema Coffee from Purelife : Which Enema Coffee Should I Choose?


There are three types of enema therapy coffee made by PureLife Health Equipment.  Each one has its own grade of potency and effect. We offer Ground and Whole-bean form. 

Purelife Medium Air Roast Coffee


We carry a Medium Air Roast, Light Air Roast and Ultra Light Air Roast coffee. The medium air roast is our customers most popular choice and offers a very natural yet powerful cleansing effect. Purelife Medium Roast Coffee is approved by Gerson. Purelife medium air roast coffee is the best choice for beginners and first time coffee enema users. Start here. You won't be disappointed. It's also the favorite choice for those who have made coffee enemas a lifestyle. Customers love this coffee because it's natural and gets the job done well!


All Purelife coffee is 100% certified organic by two agencies. We only purchase the highest quality coffee beans and all of our coffees are Air Roasted. This means that you don't have to worry about mold, fungus or carcinogenics caused by the traditional drum roasting method. If you are looking for a clean high quality enema coffee, you have found it.


 Gerson Therapy specifies that in order to detox the liver, the patient must take in 4 cups of coffee and retain the enema within for 15 minutes if possible.   This allows the coffee to travel up the portal vein, open the bile ducts, and circulate to remove the toxins.




PureLife Light Air Roast Coffee 


This enema coffee is great for those who feel that they need something a little stronger with a higher caffeine and palmitic acid content than the medium roast.  Customers who choose Purelife Light Roast Enema Coffee are seeking a more powerful liver detox for their health program. They want to get more done faster and usually have at least some experience doing coffee enemas. Most people start with the medium roast and work their way up to the light roast. However, it is okay to start with the light roast if you choose to do so. Everyone is different. People usually try our different roasts and stick to the one that their body likes best. Our Light Air Roast coffee is also approved by Gerson.




Purelife Ultra Light Air Roast Enema Coffee


 This is the most powerful coffee we sell. This coffee is strong and is used by those who have a fair amount of coffee enema experience and who also have decent health. Our Ultra Light Roast has the most caffeine and palmetic acid of all our coffees. This means it's stronger and more powerful. In addition, we use the highest quality coffee beans for this roast as well. Unlike other enema coffee suppliers we do not sacrifice quality and purity for potency.We always keep it natural yet strong and safe.


The Gerson Insitute in San Diego, CA (where Charlotte Gerson works) has asked us to let their people know that it is their opinion that All gold roast coffees are too strong and too hard on the body for those with poor health and they do not reccommend ANY gold roast coffees for their people. However, they happily approve of our Purelife Medium and Light Roast coffees!






Whether you choose the medium or light roast, you will need to restore your minerals and electrolytes after the enema by drinking  8oz. of fresh organic juice 3x a day for each enema you take in. 


Adding 2 teaspoon of the Potassium Compounds Salts, which we sell, into your enema coffee solution also helps subside the cramping that is at times felt while trying to hold in the coffee. Adding these special Potassium salts makes the coffee enema experience more pleasant by making it easier to hold in the coffee.




FINE GRIND OR WHOLE BEAN – Which is the Best? 


First, let us say that there is no difference between whole bean and fine grind when it comes to retaining potency. Contrary to what others have written about this,  if you go to the US Coffee Association website, you can read their reports on caffeine and palmitic acid potency.  They have stated there is no difference between whole bean or fine grind.




PureLife offers fine grind coffee for two main reasons:


 1) It was tested by the U.S Coffee Association and found to hold 100% of its caffeine and palmitic acid potency after 8 months.


2) For those on the go. It is more convenient to use. No grinding necessary.




Coffee Enemas are For Liver Detox


It is important to note that coffee enemas are really for liver detoxification, rather than colon cleansing.  Although the colon will get a cleansing, do not perform coffee enemas for the purpose of simply relieving constipation.


Coffee enemas are for the opening of bile ducts, allowing for toxins to be released from the liver.  Even if you don’t have much of a bowel movement, that in no way is reflecting the effectiveness of the coffee upon the liver.


Our customers have found doing a water enema prior to doing a coffee enema helps in clearing the path so the coffee enema is easier to hold for the required 15 minutes.


Disclaimer: Purelife Health Equipment, LLC does not give medical advice nor should our opinions be thought of as a medical remedy, diagnosis, or prescription for you. Please seek your Doctor’s medical advice before doing a coffee enema. For educational purposes only.        


1) We use only "Specialty Grade" beans. This special grade of beans is mold and fungus free.  

2) We do not drum and fire roast our beans, like other companies do.  We use a special air roast process that will never burn the beans, as fire roasting does.  Fire/drum roasting can leave a toxic residue on the bean, and this is why Purelife Enema Coffee will never roast their beans this way.

California Proposition 65 lists drum roasted coffee as a carcinogenic food.  Bulletproof coffee is drum roasted and is not the best coffee for enema therapy.

3)  Our coffee is not only USDA Certfied 100% Organic, but we are certified organic by a second party as well, The Oregon Tilth. It is thoroughly tested as to its organic origins, and to be chemical free


We work closely with Gerson Therapy and are great advocates of Gerson Therapy.  We have always understood the importance of having a clean coffee that is mold, fungus and toxin free. After all, this is going into your liver.  Air roasted coffee is far better than drum roasting when it comes to enema coffee.   We realize how important your health is and the last thing you need is more toxins disrupting your system.  Purelife Health Equipment is a pioneer in the enema coffee business.  Doctors and naturopaths, as well as health clinics around the world purchase Purelife Enema Coffee for their patients because it is a name they can trust.