Acne? Try a Coffee Enema!


Try a Coffee Enema!


Do you suffer from acne or other skin conditions?  Coffee enemas are part of the solution!  I cannot stress this enough: what we ingest, manifests.  This can be both good and bad.  Everything we eat and drink affects the lining of our intestines.  So, when tackling any physical aliment/issue, one should always consider diet as a contributing factor!  A poor diet results in a poor digestive system and a poorly functioning body.  If you are not having regular bowel movements (minimum of once a day) toxins that need to be expelled end up being reabsorbed and recycled in the body.  One of many detrimental results of this is skin infection.  Toxins need to be eliminated in order for the body to function properly.  The body forces them out through our skin, sweat glands, scalps, mouths etc., if it cannot eliminate them though bile.  Again, everything we ingest affects the walls of our intestines.  When these walls are damaged, it leads to decreased bowel movement, (i.e. decreased peristalsis) which basically encourages fermentation of food and bile.  This leads to infecting the body with an overload of bacteria and yeast, which cause inflammatory damage to the cell walls of the colon that the body works tirelessly to expel.  Many times, resulting in that acne you just can’t seem to get rid of. 


Water enemas help to loosen bile that has been festering in the colon and coffee enemas activate the body’s own ability to force out bile and toxins from the entire body system!  Consider this: the last 5 feet of the digestive system is the colon.  If not properly maintained, that can easily become 5 feet of waste build-up that you carry, every day!  When the system is working properly, the body has no need of seeking out different ways to eliminate toxins.  Use of coffee enemas can help improve skin conditions tremendously and quickly!  Of course, there are many other contributing factors to consider when it comes to acne and other ailments.  If you suffer from food/mold/preservative/medication sensitivities, for example, that can also factor into troubled skin.  However, since external issues are the cause of internal distress, the best and quickest way to start cleaning up your skin, is to clean out your colon!