Colon Hydrotherapy or Home Enemas?

Colon Hydrotherapy or Home Enemas?


Enemas clean the colon with water or other solutions and they can be done on your own, at home.  Water enemas clean the descending colon (left side), while a coffee enema cleans out the ascending colon (right side.)  The process is fairly fast, about an hour from start to finish, but you want to make sure you can relax during it.  If you are a wife or mother, especially, plan your enemas around the constant call of your family!  When you first start, you may not be able to hold much water or solution for too long.  That is alright.  When you feel the need to expel the fluids (i.e. go to the bathroom) listen to your body!  It’s recommended to do about 3-5 water enemas prior to a coffee enema, so that you can hold the solution for a longer period of time an see/feel greater results.    It takes practice and a little getting used to, but there is no comparison to the results you will feel, so taking the time to learn are well worth it!


A colonic completely washes the colon with water for the entirety of the session, which can last 1-2 hours.  One colonic session removes around the equivalent of waste as 12 enemas will.  However, it is not as cost-friendly as home enemas.


Brief description of colonic systems


Gravity Colonic:  gravity is enforced in the movement of water through the colon. 


Closed Colonic:  Two tubes are monitored by a therapist: one for “flow in” and one for “flow out”.  The therapist will also massage your abdomen as you lay flat throughout the session.


Open Colonc/ LIBBE:  You will lay on a specially designed table where there is a tube fastened inside between where you legs will rest.  The therapist will instruct you on what to do and will then let you alone to get yourself situated.  Once you’re ready, you push a call button and the therapist will return to start your session.  The whole treatment is worked in this way.



Coffee Enemas with ColonHydrotherapy:  There are new systems available for administering coffee enemas with your colon-hydrotherapist.