Supplements For Coffee Enemas

Purelife offers a variety of supplements to support your body when doing coffee enemas, or if you are needing to strengthen your immune system, destroy gut bacteria, candida and much more.   

 We highly recommend the Fulvic Minerals listed in our store to restore lost minerals after a coffee enema.  

We also highly recommend the Electrolytes listed in our store to restore lost electrolytes after a coffee enema.

Juicing is also very important for minerals and electrolytes.  Green juices work best.

Potassium Compound Salts can be used as a supplement.  Potassium can provide very important therapeutic effects and proved great energy for the cell . This Potassium Compound Salt can aid your body to eliminate the excess sodium that accumulates in tissues.  It is an important electrolyte of life.  Do not take if you have kidney problems.