Getting Air Out of Your Enema Tubing

Air in your enema tubing is a common issue that can happen to anyone no matter what enema kit you buy.   Air getting trapped in the tubing, which prevents flow, occurs not because of the enema equipment.  It occurs because of gravity, height or bucket, lowering and raising the bucket up, etc.


Before starting your enema, one must always let the water flow through the tubing from the bucket, and out into the sink.  Then once the water pushes out all the air bubbles, you clamp your clamp shut tight.

Next, do not suddenly raising your bucket up to hang it high .  This can cause air to get trapped again.   

Never hang your bucket up high.  It should always be low, and no more than 18 inches above your body.   

So after letting the water out through the tube into the sink, you would carefully carry your bucket over to hang at a low height. Dont raise it up while you are carrying it and then lower it.   Move it over slowly to the low height area you will hang it.  Some people put it on their toilet seat and do not hang.

You want the air bubbles out of the enema tubing because otherwise those air bubbles will go into your colon, causing  you discomfort. And you wont be able to get the solution in. Air will be blocking your colon.


Gerson Institute has another solution if you see air bubbles or get them after you have release water through the tubing:  Gerson says: When you lie down on the floor and you see your bucket tubing has air in it, then lower the bucket down to the floor area where you are lying, below your body. Turn the enema bucket toward your body and when you release the clamp the air bubbles will go back up the tubing and into the bucket and POP. The air bubbles will go up and pop on top of the water in the your bucket.   Then you can proceed to do your enema.