There are a number of reasons why people get hemorrhoids - which are an unpleasant anal wart within the anal canal, or can be pushed outside the anus area.  Either way, they can be uncomfortable, and if left untreated, can become quite disabling.

Here is a List of the major factors contirbuting to hemorrhoid occurences:

  • constipation - anal blockage and pressure,  difficulty in elimination
  • not enough fiber in diet, and not enough water
  • not enough excersize
  • heavy lifting - putting strain on veins
  • too much sitting
  • pregnancy
  • alcohol drinking 
  • eating too much meat

Water enemas can be a big help to those who are suffering from hemorrhoids.  Enemas can relieve the pressure of a clogged colon,  which in turn relieves the pressure on the hemorrhoid. 

Another important factor in healing hemorrhoids is the eating a raw vegan and fruit based diet. Drinking plenty of water is also a major factor in healing hemorrhoids.