What Is The Best Coffee For Enemas?

Purchasing a trusted Enema Coffee is Important! After all  this is going into your colon, blood and liver.  Purelife Enema Coffee meets all of the following-

Here are 7 Things To Look For:

1) Certified Organic. USDA logo must be on the bag label.   A 2nd certification by a third party is even better.  Pesticide free.

2) "Speciality Grade" fungus and mold free beans from S. America

3) Air Roasted beans , rather than drum roasted

4) Roasted in a facility that only roasts organic coffee there.  (No soy, peanuts, wheat, etc) GMP approved.

5) Coffee being shipped fresh and direct from manufacturer to customer.   Not from a fulfillment center warehouse where the coffee may sit for a month before being shipped, and is not being exposed to detrimental elements.

6) Gerson Institute Accepted

7)  Long history of enema coffee roasting and use by customers


What kinds of enema coffee are there?   And what is the difference?

Looking for the best Enema Coffee? There are three types of enema therapy coffee made by PureLife Health Equipment.  Each one has its own grade of potency and effect. We offer Ground and Whole bean Form.   

FALSE ADVERTISING:  BEWARE:  There are many companies out there selling enema coffee and many claim only their coffee is acceptable, such as only the Gold Roast or Ultra Light is acceptable or strong enough. This is an untrue marketing tactic.  The advertisement will also say that it is "Accepted By Gerson Institute", and this is also not true.   We want you, our customers to be clear, so you choose the coffee which is best for you.  Gold Roast or Ultra Light is not accepted by Gerson Institute.  The doctors felt it is too strong in caffeine.   They recommend Medium or Light Roast.  Purelife worked closely with the Doctors at Gerson Institute in San Diego and they gave us this information themselves.


Purelife Medium Air Roast Coffee

We carry a Medium Air Roast, Light Air Roast and Ultra Light Air Roast coffee. The medium air roast is our customers most popular choice and offers a very natural yet powerful cleansing effect. Purelife Medium Roast Coffee is approved by the Gerson Institute in San Diego, CA. (the one where Charlotte Gerson works). Purelife medium air roast coffee is the best choice for beginners and first time coffee enema users. Start here. You won't be disappointed. It's also the favorite choice for those who have made coffee enemas a lifestyle. Customers love this coffee because it's natural and gets the job done well!

All Purelife coffee is 100% certified organic by two agencies. We only purchase the highest quality coffee beans and all of our coffees are Air Roasted. This means that you don't have to worry about mold, fungus or carcinogenics caused by the traditional drum roasting method. If you are looking for a clean high quality enema coffee, you have found it.

 Gerson Therapy specifies that in order to detox the liver, the patient must take in 4 cups of coffee and retain the enema within for 15 minutes if possible.   This allows the coffee to travel up the portal vein, open the bile ducts, and circulate to remove the toxins.


PureLife Light Air Roast Coffee 

This enema coffee is great for those who feel that they need something a little stronger with a higher caffeine and palmitic acid content than the medium roast.  Customers who choose Purelife Light Roast Enema Coffee are seeking a more powerful liver detox for their health program. They want to get more done faster and usually have at least some experience doing coffee enemas. Most people start with the medium roast and work their way up to the light roast. However, it is okay to start with the light roast if you choose to do so. Everyone is different. People usually try our different roasts and stick to the one that their body likes best. Our Light Air Roast coffee is also approved by Gerson.


Purelife Ultra Light Air Roast Enema Coffee

 This is the most powerful coffee we sell. This coffee is strong and is used by those who have a fair amount of coffee enema experience and who also have decent health. Our Ultra Light Roast has the most caffeine and palmetic acid of all our coffees. This means it's stronger and more powerful. In addition, we use the highest quality coffee beans for this roast as well. Unlike other enema coffee suppliers we do not sacrifice quality and purity for potency.We always keep it natural yet strong and safe.

The Gerson Insitute in San Diego, CA (where Charlotte Gerson works) has asked us to let their people know that it is their opinion that All gold roast coffees are too strong and too hard on the body for those with poor health and they do not reccommend ANY gold roast coffees for their people. However, they happily approve of our Purelife Medium and Light Roast coffees!



Whether you choose the medium or light roast, you will need to restore your minerals and electrolytes after the enema by drinking  8oz. of fresh organic juice 3x a day for each enema you take in.

Adding 2 teaspoon of the Potassium Compounds Salts, which we sell, into your enema coffee solution also helps subside the cramping that is at times felt while trying to hold in the coffee. Adding these special Potassium salts makes the coffee enema experience more pleasant by making it easier to hold in the coffee.


FINE GRIND OR WHOLE BEAN – Which is the Best? 

First, let us say that there is no difference between whole bean and fine grind when it comes to retaining potency. Contrary to what others have written about this,  if you go to the US Coffee Association website, you can read their reports on caffeine and palmitic acid potency.  They have stated there is no difference between whole bean or fine grind.


PureLife offers fine grind coffee for two main reasons:

 1) It was tested by the U.S Coffee Association and found to hold 100% of its caffeine and palmitic acid potency after 8 months.

2) For those on the go. It is more convenient to use. No grinding necessary.


USDA Certified Organic Coffee – 

All of PureLife Enema Therapy coffee is USDA Organic and our coffee is certified 100% by Oregon Tilth.  This certification ensures the organic integrity of our coffee from origin to you, our customer. Also, note that our coffees are never roasted in machines that have roasted conventional non organic foods of any type! It’s a “clean” coffee, which is important when it comes to liver detoxification. We NEVER use any fillers in our coffee! What you get is 100% Specialty Grade organic coffee only. 


Air Roasted vs. Drum Roasted 

All enema coffees that PureLife manufactures is specially “Air Roasted”, and not drum roasted.   Store purchased coffee is drum roasted using fire to heat up the beans to remove the shaft of the bean. This “Fire” can burn the beans, and burnt beans are not good for you. In fact, California Proposition 65 warns that fire drum roasted coffee may contain harmful carcinogens.  And fire roasting can leave some of the beans shaft residue in the coffee.

PureLife “Air Roasting” process pops off the skin of the bean through the use of air.  It is similar to popping corn. And you will never get burnt “unclean” beans.  It is the cleanest coffee you can buy for a liver detox. 


Coffee Enemas are For Liver Detox

It is important to note that coffee enemas are really for liver detoxification, rather than colon cleansing.  Although the colon will get a cleansing, do not perform coffee enemas for the purpose of simply relieving constipation.

Coffee enemas are for the opening of bile ducts, allowing for toxins to be released from the liver.  Even if you don’t have much of a bowel movement, that in no way is reflecting the effectiveness of the coffee upon the liver.

Our customers have found doing a water enema prior to doing a coffee enema helps in clearing the path so the coffee enema is easier to hold for the required 15 minutes.

Disclaimer: Purelife Health Equipment, LLC does not give medical advice nor should our opinions be thought of as a medical remedy, diagnosis, or prescription for you. Please seek your Doctor’s medical advice before doing a coffee enema. For educational purposes only.