Acidosis & pH-Imbalance

Acidosis In The Body -  Can An Alkaline Diet  Remove All Disease?


Balancing Your pH Is Vital To Cellular and Organ Health





North Pole-South Pole :  Your Body and Cells operate on electromagnetic currents!


Your body runs on electric power, and what creates this power is in your biochemistry.  Every single system in your body depends on this very delicate balance.  Your blood stream and the pH in your blood stream is the key.


What is pH Balance and How Do I Remove Acids That Disrupt?


Your PH is either Acidic orAlkaline.  Your goal is to have mostly Alkaline PH.  On a test strip your range is 1 to 14.  If you are a 1, you are very acid. 7 is neutral. 14 is very alkaline. 


Holding the correct PH is important.  If you have not electrical power because your body chemistry is off, you would die.  So maintaining correct PH levels in your blood is very important.


What Causes the Body To Become Acidic?


Proccessed foods and natural foods that have a high acidic rating, such as tomatoes.   Not drinking enough water to hydrate your cells, will also promote acid in the body.  Drugs, sugar, medicines also contribute. 

The human system does not have a chance to fight disease if the body PH balance is compromised.   Create an Alkaline body, and you will have good health.  It’s plain science.  An acidic body greatly increases the risk for infections from bacteria, yeast, parasite and viruses. It weakens internal organs. It compromises the immune system and also leeches valuable vitamins and minerals from the bones and blood.   Most degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis , cancer  and heart disease have their roots in an acidic body.  


Changing The Diet Alleviates Symptoms and Causes of Disease Immediately!