What Do I Need To Buy For A Coffee Enema?

In A Coffee Nut Shell... 

These products are what most people have on hand to do an easy, safe coffee enema protocol:



Enema Bucket or Bag Kit: 

 Purelife has a wide variety of kits to choose from.  We feel that coffee enema supplies are important to have in the medicine cabinet and you should have a bucket or bag that will last a long time without rusting or material that will degrade.  

Having a Non Toxic Enema Kit is important.   Purelife offers higher quality products because we manufacture them in the USA. They are not cheaper imports.

Do not purchase a plastic enema bucket unless you plan on using it a few times and throwing it away.   It is a disposable item and will degrade if you use it over a period of time.


Enema Specific Coffee:

Must be 100% Certified Organic. Must be mold and fungus free.    "Air" roast is recommended.  Most beginners start with medium roast.


Coffee Enema Strainer:

Store-bought strainers that are double fine mesh will not catch all the coffee grounds. Purelife offers a special micromesh stainless steel strainer that will keep all the grounds out when you pour your solution into the bucket.


Silicone Colon Tube and Connector:    

This is an optional item. It is used instead of the 3 inch nozzle that comes with the kit.   The colon tube is 16 inches long, so you can go higher up into the colon.  It is thinner than a nozzle and stays in the rectum easier than a nozzle tip.


Reusable Underbody Pad:

You can use a towel under your body,  but if need more padding and warmth, the underbody pad is nice to have. Can be washed and dried after use.  Lasts a long time. 

We also have a clear underbody sheeting, that can be wiped clean after each use. People usually put this over their towel so they dont have to wash towels each time.


Fulvic Minerals:

Very important to have as coffee enemas can remove vital minerals and electrolytes.  Fulvic minerals are in a class of its own and will replenish the lost electrolytes.   

Not everyone may need a supplement, if they are juicing lots and lots of organic greens and fruits every day after a coffee enema.


Potassium Compound Salts:

This is an optional item. It is part of the Gerson Therapy program and is used after one does a coffee enema, and can also be added into your coffee enema solution if you experience cramping and have trouble holding the enema.  Potassium soothes the colon so spasms stop.  (Certain people should not use Potassium Salts, such as those with kidney disease. )


Dr. Gerson found that the basic problem in all chronic degenerative diseases is the loss of potassium from, and the penetration of sodium into the cells, now known as the tissue damage syndrome. The average diet in most countries, especially the developed world, contains far too much salt, which eventually causes the breakdown of the healthy balance within the body.


Potassium can be added to your juices.   It can also be added to your coffee enema solutions, if you experience stomach cramping during coffee enemas.  


Nozzle Lubricant:

Having a lubricant is very helpful when inserting your enema nozzle.  Your anal tissues are very delicate, and if the nozzle or colon tube is dry and un-lubricated, you can tear the tissues. Lubrication will also make insertion go very easily and comfortably.

We recommend our Surgi Lube product because it is water based,non-toxic, and lubricates the nozzle very well.


Enema Tubing Cleaning and Drying Brush:

For those who want to keep their tubing clean and dry

Coffee has oils in it and those oils should be removed after cleaning your tubing.  Coffee also stains, and if you want to keep the stains out and your tubing clear,  the Purelife Enema Tubing Cleaning Brush is a must-have.

Drying inside the tubing is also helpful. If water droplets are left inside the tubing, then mold can grow inside the tubing. You dont want that.   Purelife's Tubing Brush also has one end made of cotton to dry the inside of the tubing.    


Coffee Enema Booklet:

It is very helpful to know all about your coffee enema before you start.  This helps alleviate worries or confusion about what a coffee enema is, and what the benefits are, as well as how to do it correctly.  



DISCLAIMER:  The above written material and product descriptions are not medical advice.  We are not doctors and do not recommend any product or protocol to anyone visiting our site. Always seek the advice of your health practitioner before doing coffee enemas, or using any products we have listed on our website.