How to Do a Coffee Enema

 Coffee Enemas are Easy To Do-

The purpose of the coffee enema is to detoxify the liver.  It is not for cleansing the colon, although the colon will be cleansed.  Coffee enemas open the liver bile ducts, enabling the release of stored up toxins. 

Giving yourself a coffee enema is  similar to the water enema, except a coffee solution is used instead of water.  The coffee  enema is done while laying on your  right side.  This is so that the coffee solution will flow into the portal vein easier and to the liver.

The coffee enema solution is to be held inside for 15 minutes, if possible.  15 minutes is the amount of time that your blood travels through your liver and entire body in one cycle.  

PureLife Enema Coffee is recommended because it is specially processed without drum and fire roasting. So it is a clean coffee, without the possibility of having burnt beans.  It is USDA organic and therfore has no chemicals used in its growing.

1)  Prepare your enema coffee solution and pour into your stainless steel enema bucket. Clamp on the tubing must be clamped shut.

2)   Release any air bubbles from the tubing into the sink.  Re-clamp.

3)   Find a comfortable place to lay down, such as the floor or bed.  Spread a protective plastic sheet over the area you will be doing the enema on. 

4)  Hang the enema bucket 12" to 18" above the surface where you will be lying on.

5)  Lay down on your right side with the enema tubing behind you.   Insert the lubricated small enema nozzle or 16" thin colon tube.   Gerson Therapy recommends using the 16" colon tube which attaches to the enema nozzle, for the coffee enema.   This will send the solution higher into the colon and portal vein.

6)  Release the tubing clamp and allow the coffee solution to flow into the rectum.  Do not allow a fast flow.   Take your time and let the solution in slowly.

7)  When you feel a little full. Shut the tubing clamp shut.  Withdraw the enema tip or colon tube.   Now hold the solution in for 15 minutes if you can.  Try deep breathing if you need to.  If you have trouble holding it in, you can keep the enema tip in.

8)  After 15 minutes you may go to the toilet and release the solution into the toilet.

9)  Drink a full glass of fresh organic orange juice or green juice.   Drink another 3 glasses through out the day.   It is important to drink 3-4 glasses of freshly juiced juice for every coffee enema.  This keep the electrolytes and miinerals in balance.

10) Consult with your naturopath as to how many coffee enemas you should do.  Some people do 1 a month, some 1 week, some 1 a day.