Environmental Toxins and the Need for Coffee Enemas



With the condition of our environment worsening, and people becoming more health-conscious, word is spreading about enema detoxification treatments.  Air, water and soil pollution, fast foods, sodas, smoking, drinking, drugs and pharmaceutical drugs all contribute to the rapid decline in health in today’s world.  These pollutions in our environment are attacking our bodies, and most people looking for a “quick fix” will seek their doctor’s advice and obtain one or more medications to treat their symptoms.  Honestly, in my opinion, the results of coffee enemas are not only safer than popping pharmaceutical drugs, they are more affective and the results are felt immediately.  Because our soil is so badly tended to now, the fruits and vegetables we grow have lost a tremendous amount of nutrients.  For example, 40 years ago, an apple contained 70% more nutritional value than it does today!  Without that nutrition, our bodies are prone to a wide range of illnesses due to the inability to ward off toxins.  



Our lungs are an amazing, air purification system. However, with pollution being so high, they cannot filter and eliminate every toxin that enters the body. When toxins cannot be eliminated, they infect the bloodstream, organs, glands, skin, the entire body! Consider the daily kidney and liver strain that is developed by the contaminated and toxic foods and liquids we ingest. There is a plethora of detox systems out there.  You could choose to juice or take supplements, but you will not obtain the same results as you will from using coffee enemas.  An enema detox is a fast, simple and effective home treatment that people can easily do themselves.  While an enema is an uncomfortable thought to most at first, the results of it are felt immediately and are so extreme, that you will likely never go back to other detox treatments or systems! 


One of my teachers, Kinesiologist, Stephanie Relfe, made an amazing point in one of her classes.  To paraphrase, “You would not wash your hair or your car with tea, juice or a soda.  Why would you wash the inside of your body with any of those?”  Now, mind you, she was making this point in reference to the importance of drinking water, not using enemas.  However!  I believe her words can be transferable in regards to this topic.  Take care of your body from the inside out, and watch as your aliments lift away, enabling you to be YOU again!