Do Coffee Enemas Help You Lose Weight?

Will Coffee enemas help you to lose weight?   




The Answer is............... yes, and. no.    

A coffee enema is used to detoxify the liver and blood.  This in turn will help the body run more efficiently, including optimizing the metabolism rate.  The metabolism rate, when working optimally, is what will help to burn fat, and the body begins to work more efficiently because the coffee enema has cleared so much burden off the body by removing the toxins.

               light-roast-coffee-14809.1488665079.1280.1280.jpg Purelife Organic Enema Coffee / Light Air Roast / Ground / Gerson Accepted 1 lb.


When the metabolism normalizes,  cravings  for junk food can diminish.  


But if you really are looking to lose weight, we know what works for us!    A diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits.  Eating vegetables in a raw state increases the metabolism, which in turn will burn fat in the body fast!   Couple this with coffee enemas, and your system will start to run so much better.

Those on the Gerson Therapy Diet, which is a combination of eating raw vegan,  juicing and coffee enemas, have reported losing 25 Pounds a month!


Always consult your doctor or naturopath before doing coffee enemas.