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Posted by Sunny on

I have compiled a short list of items we believe in very much to aid in preventing viruses to take hold in your body.

We believe that viruses spread because our bodies have toxic overload: an unclean colon, and toxic liver.  A body that lacks nutrition and vitamins will also weaken the immune system. And you need a strong immune system to combat a virus.  Also, by keeping inflammatory causing foods out of your diet, you will reduce your lungs becoming easily inflamed when being exposed to viruses.



ECHINACEA, VITAMIN C, WHEATGRASS ENEMA JUICE POWDER, CLOVE BUD OIL, PROBIOTIC, and enough enema coffee to last for months of use. And in case you have to travel buy a few  DISPOSABLE TRAVEL ENEMA BAG


THE CORONA VIRUS ATTACKS THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. Weak lungs and a weak immune system can increase your chances of not being able to defeat viruses .When the lungs become inflamed, due to the virus spreading throughout the lung system, it is difficult to remove the virus.ECHINACEA IS A NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY REMEDY FOR THE LUNGS!Echinacea is a [...]

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Can Coffee Enemas Kill Corona Virus?

In order to help our customers be clear on what coffee enemas do and whether they can help prevent or eliminate the Corona Virus...the answer is yes and no.  Coffee enemas are unable to kill viruses directly, but coffee enemas will clean the blood, which will also help clean the lungs, which is where the virus [...]

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D-Mannose for UTI and Bladder Infections

Happy Holidays. Probably the best gift we could give our customers is a not so well known, yet powerful product, that will remove E-Coli from your urinary tract and get rid of the infection. I was one of those who kept getting UTI's.   I reluctantly would take antibiotics, and yes the UTI would go away, but [...]

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What Causes Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a condition whereby a person has difficulty sleeping, and breathing.   Although doctors will prescribe CPAP machines and masks to wear at night to help you breathe, there are other alternatives to that, and that might get to the cause of your sleep apnea. #1 Cause of Sleep Apnea      Being Overweight -    [...]

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Can Coffee Enemas Help Lyme Disease?

Can Lyme Disease Be Healed? Purelife's staff talk to many customers and we know that Lyme Disease is practically an epidemic right now. For those unfamiliar with Lyme Disease, here is a brief rundown on what it is:The name "Lyme" came from a city called "Lyme" in Connecticut. Lyme is a tick. And [...]

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How High To Hang Your Enema Bucket

The height you hang your enema bucket or enema bag determines how fast the flow will be through your tubing.The higher the height, the greater the flow.  The lower the height, the slower the flow of enema solution.We recommend placing or hanging your enema bucket or enema bag no more than 18 inches above your [...]

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How To Remove Coffee Stains From Enema Tubing

For a long time, enema users were not able to really clean their enema tubing very well after coffee enemas.   Coffee has natural oils in it, as well as color, and so your silicone enema tubing can easily become stained after a few uses.  The stains themselves are harmless, but you do want to remove [...]

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Coffee Enemas For Inflammation

Studies now reveal, detrimental bacterial products named "endotoxins"  are able to "leak" through and enter the bloodstream.   Endotoxins are "toxins". Our immune system is designed to recognize these foreign molecules and begins an attack against them, resulting in a chronic inflammatory response.   It is "overkill" and unfortunately your body can experience too much inflammation as a [...]

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How To Clean a Silicone Enema Bag

Silicone enema bags are not like the drug-store version of rubber enema bags.   How do they differ?1) Silicone enema bags will have a wider mouth which gives you the ability to clean inside the enema bag.    Drugstore red latex waterbottle/ enema bags do not have this option.  And that is an important option to [...]

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