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Shower Enema Dangers

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Shower Enema or Faucet Enema Devices:

There are certain risk factors, however, that are associated with shower enemas. It does not regulate the amount of water entering the colon, unlike an enema bucket or bag.   Overloading the colon with water can cause it to rupture, leading to severe medical problems. There also is no guarantee that the water pressure will be kept at safe levels, although the number of pressure-related injuries resulting from the use of these sets is quite few.

There is also the matter of using tap water .  Shower or faucet enema devices attach direct to the shower head or your basin faucet.   We absolutely do not want people using tap water for enemas. There are simply too many serious contaminants to use tap water.  Therefore these type of enema devices should be avoided.

Moodiness and Liver /Brain Detox

The brain cannot function properly with toxins streaming through.  Moodiness, anger, depression, nervousness are all signs that the liver, blood and brain are on toxic overload.   So its time for a coffee enema.   I have learned that one must be "kind" to the body and be loving towards it.  Never be violent toward your [...]

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Liver Detoxification

Toxins are absorbed into our bloodstream by inhalation, ingestion and passing through our skin. They are then broken down by the kidneys and eliminated via urine, feces and exhalation. However, because the liver manages waste purification, it is directly burdened to remove these toxins from the body. Thanks to this organ, many toxins are removed from the [...]

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What Enema Kit is the Best

Purelife Enema Kits come in a variety of materials. So which enema kit is best?  It depends on your needs. If you are a beginner at enemas and coffee enemas, and want to experiment, then you should buy the disposable plastic enema bucket with PVC vinyl tubing.  All plastic enema buckets are designed for limited [...]

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Which Size Enema Kit is Best For Home Enemas

There are many enema kits out on the market for home use. So many choices. Which enema kit do you need?  Everybody has different needs but the size of the enema bucket you choose should match what type of enemas you are doing and how much.  For coffee enemas, the 1 Qt Size Stainless Steel [...]

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What is the best enema kit for those with multiple chemical sensitivities

Purelife created the Purelife Glass Enema Kit for those with multiple chemical sensitivities.   Detoxing the liver is an important part of removing toxins that cause MCS symptoms.  Glass is non toxic and thus would be the first choice if you are allergic to metals, plastic etc.  

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Causes of Constipation

If you are having trouble with constipation, you may want to look at the following:1)Do you drink enough water?  Dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation.2) Drinking cold beverages?  This can cause the shut down of the natural bowel movement.3) Lack of excersise and circulation?   Excersise and get the blood circulating in [...]

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Holding a Coffee Enema In

Do you have trouble holding a coffee enema in for the full 15 minutes?   This happens to many people, so you are not alone.  But there are some helpful hints I can give you on how to hold it in longer.   First , you want to make sure your colon is clear before [...]

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Juice Juice Juice!

If you are doing coffee enemas, but not juicing, then you are setting yourself up for problems."Nutrition & Cleanse" go together like peas in a pod.  You cannot have good health without either of them.So we urge our customers to drink 3 juices for every coffee enema you have.   1 juice in the morning, [...]

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Weight Loss and Raw Vegetable Eating

Many people on Gerson Therapy experience a rapid weight loss.  Why is this?  Simply put,eating raw vegetables burns up calories, and it improves your metabolism.  Improved metabolismburns up calories and utilizes the calories for energy.  It is incredible how much weight I lost after one month of the Gerson Therapy program.  I did one coffee enema [...]

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