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I Can't Hold the Coffee Enema In

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Holding a coffee enema in for the required 15 minutes can often be most challenging.  Some have no problems at all.  So why would you have problems holding it in?  There are a few reasons.  

1) The coffee is too strong. Try to dilute it a little

2) You are letting the flow of the coffee in too fast.   Try slowing it down, gradually allowing a little more in, then clamp the tubing shut. Wait. Then open the clamp and allow a little more in at a time.

3) Lower the bucket so the flow is not so fast.

4) Intestinal spasms created by the coffee, makes the body want to push the coffee back out.  Relieve spasms by massaging your abdomen a little.  Do some deep breathing.  Add some chamomile tea into the coffee enema solution. Chamomile tea will relax the intestines.   Try adding a teaspoon or two of potassium compound salts into the coffee solution.  Potassium will also relieve spasms.

5) Maybe you need to empty and clear your colon of feces before the coffee enema. So do a water enema before the coffee enema and clear the colon.

6). You may have diverticulosis, where gas can be trapped in the pocket.  The gas, combined with the coffee, can cause the body to want to push the coffee out.

7) Relax. Putting on music and calming yourself mentally can help hold the coffee in as well.

Cleanse and Nutrition

We often hear from customers who are doing coffee enemas, yet, are not doing much for getting the nutrition they need into their bodies.   Coffee enemas can upset the electrolytes and mineral, and so nutrition through juicing is important.  We also recommend taking our fulvic mineral supplement after a coffee enema to make sure [...]

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The Liver As a Filter

Today's modernized world is an over-burden for the liver.   What is in our air, water, food, cosmetics, furniture, carpets adds heavy stress to the liver, making it overworked and weak.   Often, people are completely unaware of what their bodies are exposed to.  For example, while sleeping, I awoke to the smell of gas in the air [...]

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Imports vs USA Made Enema Buckets

Choosing your enema equipment is an important decision.  Don't be fooled.   The market is flooded with cheap, lesser grade imports from China and India. A lesser grade stainless steel than stainless steel which comes from the USA and is manufactured here. The standards are different.   You get what you pay for.  Many people [...]

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How Do Coffee Enemas Detoxify the Brain?

Purelife Health is increasingly selling more and more coffee enema kits to psychologists, who are using coffee enemas for their patients to remove brain fog and other toxic related issues which affect the brain functions. The term “brain toxicity” refers to impaired brain function due to the brain'sexposure to and absorption of toxins such as solvents, [...]

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Do You Have Aching Bones?

Aching bones can be a sign that your electrolytes and minerals need balancing.  Juicing green leafy vegetables can help to stop aching bones, because green vegetables, such as Chard, spinach, Kale, have lots of minerals.  Coffee enemas can deplete minerals from the bones, and it is recommended drinking 3 fresh organic juices per coffee enema. [...]

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Fibromyalgia Success with Coffee Enemas

We have heard about the devastating effects of fibromyalgia.   Doctors don't quite know where it comes from or how to cure it.    We have found a great testimonial given by someone who did Gerson Therapy to heal fibromyalgia.  Here is the You Tube link that you must see!

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Shower Enema Dangers

Shower Enema or Faucet Enema Devices:There are certain risk factors, however, that are associated with shower enemas. It does not regulate the amount of water entering the colon, unlike an enema bucket or bag.   Overloading the colon with water can cause it to rupture, leading to severe medical problems. There also is no guarantee [...]

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Moodiness and Liver /Brain Detox

The brain cannot function properly with toxins streaming through.  Moodiness, anger, depression, nervousness are all signs that the liver, blood and brain are on toxic overload.   So its time for a coffee enema.   I have learned that one must be "kind" to the body and be loving towards it.  Never be violent toward your [...]

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Liver Detoxification

Toxins are absorbed into our bloodstream by inhalation, ingestion and passing through our skin. They are then broken down by the kidneys and eliminated via urine, feces and exhalation. However, because the liver manages waste purification, it is directly burdened to remove these toxins from the body. Thanks to this organ, many toxins are removed from the [...]

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