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What Enema Bucket is The HIghest Quality

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Choosing your enema equipment is an important decision.  Stainless steel that comes from China or India is without doubt, a lesser grade stainless steel than stainless steel which comes from the USA.   Import companies can produce nice looking photos and photo shop their products to look great, and offer a cheap price.  But the bottom line is you get what you pay for.    And when it comes to having a trustworthy bucket that is safe and high quality, as well as materials tested by NSF,  Purelife Enema Buckets win hands down.  The stainless steel is from the USA and they are made in the USA.  They will last a lifetime without rusting.  

When it comes to a medical device for detoxifying your body, you want the best, even if its a few dollars more.  Enema kits are one of the most important health investments you can make, so consider buying the best from a company with a good reputation with doctors and naturopaths here in the USA.

If you are doing coffee enemas, remember that coffee has acid in it. Acid can corrode materials.  The Purelife USA Stainless Steel Enema Bucket is non-corrosive and medical grade so it will be fine with coffee enemas.

Do You Have Aching Bones?

Aching bones can be a sign that your electrolytes and minerals need balancing.  Juicing green leafy vegetables can help to stop aching bones, because green vegetables, such as Chard, spinach, Kale, have lots of minerals.  Coffee enemas can deplete minerals from the bones, and it is recommended drinking 3 fresh organic juices per coffee enema. [...]

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Holding a Coffee Enema In

Do you have trouble holding a coffee enema in for the full 15 minutes?   This happens to many people, so you are not alone.  But there are some helpful hints I can give you on how to hold it in longer.   First , you want to make sure your colon is clear before [...]

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Weight Loss and Raw Vegetable Eating

Many people on Gerson Therapy experience a rapid weight loss.  Why is this?  Simply put,eating raw vegetables burns up calories, and it improves your metabolism.  Improved metabolismburns up calories and utilizes the calories for energy.  It is incredible how much weight I lost after one month of the Gerson Therapy program.  I did one coffee enema [...]

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osteoporosis- do coffee enemas help?

I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis recently. I was in shock. I wasn't very old and I hadbeen a former top US athlete. How could this be?? My bones hurt so bad that I could not shake someones hand without screaming in pain. I had trouble walking as well. But how did this occur?  The doctor [...]

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Prop 65 California and Enema Coffee

For those who don't live in California, we have what is called Prop 65. This is a long list compiled by the State of California listing all products which can be cancer causing or carcinogenic to the body.   Have you ever walked into your local coffee shop in California and seen the Prop 65 [...]

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Coffee Enema Cure

I need to share my own story on how coffee enemas detoxed my body. I had inhaled some seriously bad chemicals that sent my entire system into toxic shock, and shut down mode. My spine and nerves were affected.  I suddenly developedautoimmune problems and was in bed for about 6 months, unable to walk much [...]

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