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Mold Free Coffee


Purelife Enema Coffee has been producing mold-free and fungus-free enema coffee since 2011.

1) We use only "Specialty Grade" beans. This special grade of beans is mold and fungus free.  

2) We do not drum and fire roast our beans, like other companies do.  We use a special air roast process that will never burn the beans, as fire roasting does.  Fire/drum roasting can leave a toxic residue on the bean, and this is why Purelife Enema Coffee will never roast their beans this way.

California Proposition 65 lists drum roasted coffee as a carcinogenic food.  Bulletproof coffee is drum roasted and is not the best coffee for enema therapy.

3)  Our coffee is not only USDA Certfied 100% Organic, but we are certified organic by a second party as well, The Oregon Tilth. It is thoroughly tested as to its organic origins, and to be chemical free


We work closely with Gerson Therapy and are great advocates of Gerson Therapy.  We have always understood the importance of having a clean coffee that is mold, fungus and toxin free. After all, this is going into your liver.  Air roasted coffee is far better than drum roasting when it comes to enema coffee.   We realize how important your health is and the last thing you need is more toxins disrupting your system.  Purelife Health Equipment is a pioneer in the enema coffee business.  Doctors and naturopaths, as well as health clinics around the world purchase Purelife Enema Coffee for their patients because it is a name they can trust.