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Stainless Steel Enema Kits


Why are USA Made PureLife Stainless Steel Enema Buckets superior to enema buckets imported from China or India? 

1) Stainless Steel which comes from the USA, and is made in the USA, is a much higher quality, and a clean stainless steel, which American doctors recommend.   The purity and integrity of the stainless steel is very important in an enema bucket, since it will be going into your body.  

2)  Purelife USA Enema Buckets are are highly anti-corrosive, durable, and long lasting.   They are safely made in the USA using clean, inspected USA 304 grade stainless steel, for medical purposes.  

What Size is Best?

1 Quart is great for 1 enema or 1 coffee enema

2 Quart is best for 1-2 enemas

3 Quart is best for 3-4 enemas, back to back, without refilling


Stainless Steel Bucket 

Product: Purelife Enema Kit / 2 Qt / 304 Stainless Steel / Made in USA
Posted By: Bear

"The quality of this 2 qt. stainless steel bucket was surprising. It is MUCH better than I expected - I don't think you could find a container any better. I highly recommended this."