Posted by se on 7th Aug 2019

Can I Do An Enema Standing Up?

Many people either don't want the bother of lying down for an enema, or they have mobility issues and cannot lie down.   We have seen many shower type enema systems that are designed for tho …

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Posted by S.E on 5th Aug 2019

Are Coffee Enemas Dangerous?

Although the majority of people can do coffee enemas and get great benefits from coffee enemas, there are some people that should not do coffee enemas.  If you have any of the following, do not d …

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Posted by S. E on 5th Aug 2019

Detoxing With Skin Brushing

Skin brushing has been known to be one of the greatest ways to bathe your skin and internal body of toxins.  The skin is the largest breathing organ of your body, and can remove internal toxins t …

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Posted by Mary C on 27th Jun 2019

Stainless Steel in an Enema Bucket

There are many stainless steel enema buckets on the market today.  Purelife was the pioneer in making quality buckets here in the USA.  All stainless steel enema buckets on the market today …

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