Posted by Mary C on 27th Jun 2019

How Often Should I Do A Coffee Enema?

Coffee enemas are a rather personal thing.  Many wonder how many they should be doing.  And the answer is dependent on many variables.If you feel healthy and your liver does not hurt, and yo …

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30th Mar 2019

Probiotic Enema Benefits

What Are Probiotics?Probiotics are living microorganisms.  They live in your body and help your body with digestion, immune system, and much more.  Without probiotics in your colon, your col …

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26th Feb 2019

Coffee Enemas After Antibiotics

Antibiotics and Coffee EnemasDo Coffee Enemas Help Remove Antibiotics From the Body?We had a customer tell us her story about side effects she had after using antibiotics and how coffee enemas removed …

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12th Jan 2019


Red Pine Oil was researched long ago by Russian forest biochemistry scientists.  Dr. Fyodor Solodky and Dr Asney Agranat brought Red Pine Needle Oil into the spotlight back in the 1930's.  I …

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Posted by Emily on 22nd Dec 2018

Tips For Holding In A Coffee Enema

Anyone can have trouble holding a coffee enema in.  There may be days when you and your colon are calm and there are very few spasms, enabling you to keep the coffee in for the full 15 minutes ne …

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