Do Coffee Enemas Make You Jittery?

Posted by sunny on 23rd Aug 2022

Do Coffee Enemas Make You Jittery?

Unlike drinking coffee, coffee enemas usually do not make a person feel jittery.  In fact most will report a sense of relief and calmness after the coffee enema, due to the toxins leaving the liver, blood, brain and colon.

Some people, who have allergies to drinking coffee, may or may not feel a reaction.   If you do decide to do a coffee enema, always start with a very weak solution.

Remember that drinking coffee is different. Drinking coffee goes through different areas of the body than a coffee enema.  They are not the same.

An alternative to coffee enemas would be wheatgrass enemas.  Wheatgrass does not have caffeine.  It will give a slight detox to the liver, but it isnt the same as a coffee enema.  Coffee enemas are the #1 way to detox the liver. There is no more effective way than a coffee enema.