How To Remove Coffee Stains From Enema Tubing

Posted by sunny on 23rd Aug 2019

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Enema Tubing

For a long time, enema users were not able to really clean their enema tubing very well after coffee enemas.   Coffee has natural oils in it, as well as color, and so your silicone enema tubing can easily become stained after a few uses.  The stains themselves are harmless, but you do want to remove any oil residue from the tubing if you can.   That is why Purelife Enema has introduced a special enema tubing brush designed to get inside the tubing to thoroughly clean the oil residue off, as well as stains. This will keep your tubing clean and also translucent.

Plastic enema tubing is not recommended, as it is made of a lesser grade quality.

The Purelife Enema Hose Brush is a length of 2.5 feet.  One end has a stiff nylon bristle which you will use to clean 2.5 feet on one end, and then you can go into the other end to clean the other 2.5 feet.   For a total of 5 feet.

The other side of our brush is a soft cotton for drying your enema tubing inside. Yes, you can now get those water droplets out that can linger in the tubing for days or weeks, causing mold to possibly grow inside the tubing.

Mold is a grey color. And mold is harmful to the body. So you want to make sure your tubing stays mold free by drying it out with our enema tubing brush.

The Purelife Enema Tubing Brush should also be used if you are using essential oils in your enema, or wheatgrass.