Essential Oils For Enemas

Choose from our selection of therapeutic grade organic essential oils for use in an enema.  Essential oils have potent healing properties which can aid  in removing candida, Lymes, E coli, parasites and other bacterias from the intestinal tract.

Healing Properties: 

Bergamot:   can aid in the breaking down of mucous in the colon caused by Candida.  It can also aid in fighting infections.

Clove Bud Oil:  anti fungal, aids in combatting Lymes disease and viral infections

Oregano:   anti-candida properties. Can kill overgrown fungus.  Anti-parasites.  Potent antimicrobial properties.  Because parasites have been 

                   linked to arthritis, oregano oil enemas could be beneficial for arthritic relief. 

Clary Sage:  Supports removal of candida overgrowth, hormonal imbalance, ovarian issues, menopause, PMS, menstrual cramps (minimizes the pain),  fatigue.

Geranium:  Can help those with gastritis, colitis, anti cancer properties.

Peppermint:  Peppermint Oil has long been known as the #1 oil for digestive disorders. It can be somewhat effective at relieving IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms.  Has a soothing and cooling effect on the colon.

Sweet Orange:  Aids in digestion, leaky gut syndrome, detoxifying, chronic fatigue, and weight loss.

Lemongrass:  Good for liver detoxification, bladder infections, kidney ailments, stimulating digestion, water retention.  Aids in clearing infections.


How to Disperse Essential Oil in Water

Take a little sea salt an put into a glass, then add 2 drops of essential oil to it.  Add water to the glass and stir. Then add this solution to your enema bucket water.