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Causes of Constipation

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If you are having trouble with constipation, you may want to look at the following:

1)Do you drink enough water?  Dehydration is one of the main causes of constipation.

2) Drinking cold beverages?  This can cause the shut down of the natural bowel movement.

3) Lack of excersise and circulation?   Excersise and get the blood circulating in your abdomen.

4) Are you stressful?  Stress can cause a lack of digestion.   If you are nervous, it does affect your entire body functions.

5) Diet:   White flour, and other white processed foods act like glue on the intestines.  You need fiber which acts like an intestinal broom to keep your colon healthy and be able to eliminate naturally.  

6) Gluten can cause countless digestive disorders.   Try a gluten free diet.

7) Lack of magnesium in the diet?   Make sure you are getting magnesium!