Check Valve Instructions

The PureLife Check Valve is a very helpful item to have.  Medical Check Valves will stop any enema solution from backing up into the tubing, which is unsanitary.  Enema solution can sometimes be sucked from the rectum back into the tubing, due to air suction that naturally occurs in any tubing flow situation.  PureLife check valves are designed to fit only PureLife Slicone Enema Tubing.

Please note: Enema coffee grounds in the bucket, or wheatgrass in the bucket,  may clog the check valve. Thus, you may not want to use it with those enemas.

You may try straining the enema coffee grounds thoroughly first, using a double fine mesh strainer to alleviate the chance of clogging the valve.




1. To insert the check valve into the tubing, simply cut the hose approximately 2 inches from the end where the nozzle will be.







2.  Next,  insert the check valve into each piece of the tubing. The black part of the check valve needs to be inserted into the shorter 2" piece , pointing toward the enema nozzle.



3.  Finished installation of check valve


Note:   To clean the check valve , run hot soapy water through it when you

are cleaning the silicone tubing.  Do not boil the check valve.