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Only Coffee I will use 

Product: PureLife Enema Coffee- 1 LB Organic Medium Air Roast / Gerson Accepted 
Posted By: N/A
This coffee is great and did a good job of cleansing the body of toxins. I'm new to enemas and wish I started sooner. I've done four so far and have rid myself of Gallbladder stones, Liver stones, etc. After each enema I felt energized and refreshed. 



Happy with the product 

Product: 1.25 Qt USA Enema Kit - 300 Series 
Posted By: Carrie
I am very happy with the enema kit, it's far nicer than anything available at the drugstore. The coffee I bought with it is very good as well. After only a few enemas my back pain has disappeared. I am so shocked I don't know what to think. I have had this back pain for about 5 years. I actually thought it was permanent. I started doing the enemas for liver support not back pain so I'm simply overwhelmed with gratitude. I very highly recommend this product and doing coffee enemas. 

Great products 

Product: 1.5 Qt Plastic Coffee Enema Kit w/Silicone Tubing 
Posted By: Geraty

This item was recommended to me and I am so glad I ordered it. I use it twice a day and it is very easy to use & also clean. PureLife prices are so reasonable, I was concerned about the quality, but once I received my order and used it, I am very satisfied and highly recommend this company now. 


Excellent company 

Product: Buy 2 LBS Organic Medium Roast / Gerson Accepted - Save on Shipping! 
Posted By: Geraty

I am so thankful I found Purelife Co. 
My order came quickly and is the highest quality. I was using another brand for months, and am loving this brand so much more. I highly recommend it. 


great product 

Product: Enema Tubing Check Valve Stops Solution Back Up 
Posted By: Geraty
this valve works great. I did enemas without the use of a valve like this, for many months before I found this, I'm glad I did. 
Easy to use 

Product: Enema Coffee- 5 Lbs Organic Light Roast / Gerson Accepted - Save $5.00 
Posted By: Paul P
Finely ground to allow boiling to extract the most caffeine and oils. The packaging keeps the grounds fresh. 

Product: Glass Enema Bucket Kit -1.5 Qt with Harness 
Posted By: N/A
I absolutely love this product. I prefer the "purity" of glass to metal. Easy to clean...and see how clean it is! While in use....can see the fluid level going down. Such an upgrade....from stainless! 

I will only use this long as it's available (vs. the stainless version). So glad they started offering it! 
The best enema bucket !! 

Product: USA Stainless Steel Enema Bucket "Deluxe" Kit with Silicone Tubing 
Posted By: Marco
This enema kit is great quality, it comes with with all the necessary attachments. Superb material with instructions, easy to use and clean, good value, and nice size which makes it easy to store. 
I would recommend this kit even if you are just a beginner it will be worthed, because is long lasting. 
I'm very happy with this product !! 

Love This 

Product: Red Rubber Colon Tube - Latex 
Posted By: Donna

I have been doing coffee enemas for more than 15 years. About six months ago I decided to stop using the drug store brand of enema bag and purchase an enema bucket with silicone hose from Pure Life. I just love the bucket. Easy to use, easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. As well, I felt that the silicone hose was much healthier and easier to clean. Then I decided to purchase the red insertion tube as I'd seen people talk about this on blogs. Well, I'm glad I did. It is so easy to use, doesn't give you that feeling of having to empty so quickly, and I feel it is much safer as it is flexible. 


I feel amazing 

Product: PureLife Enema Coffee- 1 LB Organic Medium Air Roast / Gerson Accepted 
Posted By: Chantou

I started using the pure life coffee enema 3 month ago because as I was browsing the internet about a different ways to detoxify the body. I discovered this website and ever since,Wow! I've been more energized, feel lighter,no indigestion issues and I sleep much better no matter when I do the enema. Oh and the smell is devine!!. I am so happy I came across this coffee. 



Product: 6 Qt Enema Bucket - High Grade USA Stainless Steel 
Posted By: GDAnderson
Great price , quality❗️ 
Excellent Quality Strainer 

Product: Coffee Enema Strainer- 10x Ultra Fine 
Posted By: Mr.Clean
Works perfect! 

Clean Coffee 

Product: Enema Coffee - 5 Lbs Organic Medium Roast / Gerson Accepted / Save $5.00 ! 
Posted By: Kay Dee

For the past couple of years, I have been detoxing my body from mercury poisoning, chemical toxicity, and co-infections. My naturopath suggested daily coffee enemas. I have reordered this coffee several times, because I believe, as advertised, that it is free of mold and pesticides, and it continues to assist my body in removing a lifetime of impurities. 


works well 

Product: 1.25 Qt USA Enema Kit - 300 Series 
Posted By: george burst
This product is well made and works well. 



Product: Potassium Compound Salts- 400 Gms -Buy In Bulk & Save $$
Posted By: Lynn

Thank you so much for finally offering the potassium salts in bulk packaging! This is a great product that I add to my coffee enema, which allows me to retain it for 12-15 minutes and make my enemas an easy experience. 


So glad to have an organic, pure option for detoxing. 

Product: Enema Coffee - 5 Lbs Organic Medium Roast / Gerson Accepted / Save $5.00 ! 
Posted By: N/A

Coffee enemas are helping my husband detox from cancer treatments - and they greatly reduce pain - he doesn't even take pain meds! We appreciate having a pure and organic coffee for this purpose!