How To Enema

Taking an enema at home is easy, and will  help relieve constipation, cleanse the colon and promote normal bowel function.  


#1.  You Must Choose the Right Enema Kit for You And Your Needs!  

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Bags are nice but not as easy to clean.  They will also stain if you are doing coffee enemas.

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When Is The Best Time To Enema?

Upon arising in the morning is the best time to take an enema. Preferably after you have had your morning bowel movement and you have not eaten.

If you are constipated, and cannot have a bowel movement, morning time is still the best time and the enema will help you to go.


How Many Times Can I Take An Enema?

PureLife Health Equipment cannot give medical advice. You should get the advice of your doctor first. There are many books written by doctors on the subject of taking enemas.  Gerson Institute is a good source as well.


Instructions For Water Enema:


1.  First have a clean enema can or enema bucket. Stainless Steel is the most recommended . 

2)  Attach your long enema tubing to the enema bucket, and make sure the tubing clamp is on the tubing and in a closed position.

3)  Attach the short enema nozzle to other end of long enema tubing.   Place a small amount of olive oil or organic lubricant on the tip of the nozzle for easy insertion.  Now your enema bucket kit is ready.

4) Next fill your enema bucket with distilled water or purified water.  The water should be lukewarm or cool.

5) Take your filled bucket and tubing to the bathtub or toilet and open the tubing clamp slightly so as to release a little of the solution into the tub or toilet.  You will do this to remove any air bubbles from the tubing.  Air bubbles should not be in the tubing when starting your enema.

5) Choose a comfortable place where you can lie down. A carpeted floor, the bed, or on a yoga mat is good.

6). Spread a towel on the bed or floor and a plastic sheeting over the towel.  This will enable you to easily wipe up any spills that may occur underneath you.

7) Place the enema bucket on a nightstand, or hang at a height of 20" or more from where your rectum will be.  The purpose is to make sure there is enough height so the flow from the bucket will be strong enough.  You may have to try different heights to find which height works best for you.

You can also try hanging the enema bucket on a nearby doorknob. 

**(for  those who do not want to lie down, you may also take the enema in the shower/tub area. Simply hang the bucket on the shower rack, bend over and insert the enema nozzle from behind while standing in the tub.)

8)  If you are performing the enema lying down, there are 2 positions possible :

     a)  you can lie on your left side or right side, take the nozzle tip and insert into the rectum gently. 

     b)  you can kneel on both knees with rectum up, and gently insert the enema tip.

9)  Slowly release the enema tubing clamp, to allow water to flow through the tube and into your rectum. 

10)  When you start to feel full or a little pressure within the rectum and colon, you should press the clamp shut, and shut off the flow.  Hold the water in.  

11) You may turn and lay on your back flat, and gently massage your abdomen in circular motion so as to help the water move in the colon, and wash the colon walls.


12) Finally, go to the toilet and release the water and have a bowel movement.

13) You may repeat the enema if you feel it is necessary. But generally only 1x a day is recommended for constipation.