Silicone Enema Tubing and Nozzle /Tubing Check Flow Valve

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5 Ft. -  100% Medical Grade Silicone Enema Tubing

Medical Tubing Roller Clamp

Check Flow Valve 

3" Straight Silicone Enema Nozzle


This product will fit on any Purelife Stainless Steel, Glass or Plastic Enema Bucket or Silicone Enema Bag



*5 Ft Medical Grade Silicone Hose. BPA and Latex Free.  Used in Hospitals. A much higher quality silicone than the blue color silicone.  Won't leech.  Will last for 2 years!

* 3 inch Medical Grade Silicone Nozzle - Soft Insertion


*Tubing Check Valve-    The check flow valve will stop any back-flow backup into the tubing while doing an enema.  It creates a 1 way flow of the enema solution going through the tubing.This keep the tubing sanitary.

* Roller Style Clamp -  Best type of tubing clamp you can get.  This type of clamp will enable user to adjust the flow much better and easier than a clinch clamp




  • 5
    Good Qaulity

    Posted by B on 14th Apr 2023

    Great quality silicone tubing. Easy to wash, good size.

  • 4
    Enema Tubing

    Posted by Tyrone on 7th Jul 2021

    I have been using this tubing for my Enema bucket for at least 4 years. They were just fine and can be easily cleaned.

  • 5
    Easy, very flexible tube and easy to push/pry onto bucket.

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2020

    The best one out of three I've had.

  • 5
    The best.

    Posted by Rhonda on 15th Dec 2017

    Thank you for products we can trust.