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Reviews & Testimonials:  5 Star Ratings from PureLife Health Equipment Customers

Review by Suzie Cohen, "Americas Pharmacist"suzy-cohen-1-150x111.jpg


Always choose what is most comfortable to you. I am just offering guidance for newbies, based upon my own research. Obviously, you will need an enema kit. I looked on Amazon and found a high-quality kit made by “Pure Life Enema” and had excellent reviews (thus, a very high rating).  It comes with two different tips for insertion, guaranteeing comfort. It includes a stainless steel bucket which I think is better than rubber or plastic. I bought this kit to closely examine it and check customer service, etc. I never like to recommend anything to you without first looking at it myself. It is awesome, looks very easy to use, and it met with my approval. You can certainly shop for enemas anywhere you want, or buy your own at many pharmacies, or another online retailer. 


August 23, 2013

"I have been very happy with my purchase and the customer service at Pure Life. I use to be a Gerson patient, and used the enema bags for years. But many of the bags contain toxic tag alongs, and over time, the hook holder hole on the bags, tear; resulting in a mess. The bags are also difficult to get properly cleaned.
The Pure Life buckets are non-toxic and easy to get completely clean. They come with a metal handle for hanging. I purchased the harness for added security when hanging. I also find i have less gas and unwanted air by using the buckets, compared to the bags. My coffee and water flow freely from the bucket, through the tubing, with virtually no additional air which can cause bloating after an enema session.
The staff at Pure Life are working hard at providing professional help and products that aid in ones wellness. Susan has been knowledable and compassionate to my needs.
Pure Life offers top grade material that are made in the USA.
If you are a Gerson patient or  just wanting to move toward better health,  Pure Life can help you do that."


August 6, 2013 This enema kit is EXCELLENT!

The tubing is silicone -- non-toxic, easy to clean and works great. The stainless steel bucket is well designed, durable, easy to clean and large enough so you won't have to worry about it spilling all over the place, like the smaller plastic models.  This equipment is truly a fantastic investment towards a product that you may want to use quite often or if you choose -- everyday.

On a personal note, we found Purelife through a search on the Internet and spoke with Susan directly before we placed our order.  She was kind, caring and shared her own story of how she began and needed to do coffee enemas.  My wife and I have been using the Purelife equipment and coffee for over a year and we could not be happier with our experience.  We have recommended it to our friends.  It works as described -- never has given us a problem and is easy to use and disassemble for clean-up.  The healing powers of the coffee enemas are not exaggerated.  My wife had chronic migraines, some persistent acne and felt fatigued often.  The consistent use of the coffee enema kit along with juicing helped alleviate all of those problems and probably prevented other problems from developing.

In closing, we are very satisfied with (1) this superb enema kit, (2) the customer service and (3) the Purelife company (their professionalism and delivery services).  Please take a chance and order your products from them, you will not be sorry you did!  

Best regards,

Don & Kim



 This enema kit is EXCELLENT! 

 I was new to colon cleansing and wanted something good quality and easy to use. This is exactly that and would be perfect for beginners or the experienced. I felt cleaner and healthier with every use. Fast shipping and great communication from this seller, A+!!"      



This is very well made and the perfect size - exactly what I have been searching for for some time. Excellent and fast ship.



Extremely happy customer!



Good quality item !

and customer service was great. Fast shipping as stated. Great quality coffee! Price about the same as all other offerings out on the internet.



Excellent price/quality of the items.

Silicon tubing very good. Prompt delivery... Thank you!

-Otto, Alabama


Excellent service, Excellent product !!!!!

Thank you !!!!! Will order from this seller again soon !!!!

 -Brian T., Iowa


This is a great product.

The items were as described, and high quality. The shipping was fast. I even called them to ask a few questions and the customer service was friendly and informative. I love it, thanks Pure Life.

 -Debbie, Iowa


Excellent service and product! 10 out of 10! Thanks!

 -Jennifer, Australia


The product was delivered within the time I was given when I ordered it. I was very pleased with the speed of the delivery.

 -Curtis, GA


Great enema kit and Fantastic customer service!


This enema kit is top-noch. It's non-toxic and works great. The tubing is silicone (non-toxic) and is wider than other, plastic buckets, which prevents any blockage you may get from tiny bits of coffee grinds. The stainless bucket is very large, so you have plenty of room to put the liquid in without it spilling over the edge like on most, smaller plastic models. And, unlike plastic models, you don't have the toxic plastic and latex!

PureLife, the seller of this item, has fantastic customer service. I had a slight problem with the first bucket I got and they speedily sent another. They spend a lot of time in communication with you if there is a problem they back up their product! I am very impressed with their service and highly recommend this company to anyone in need of what they sell. I would definitely give them business in the future.

I am very satisfied with this product and company.



5.0 out of 5 stars-  Awesome Enema Kit

I bought this enema kit to use for detox coffee enemas. It is the perfect size for quart enemas. It has the stainless steal bucket, hook and the bucket handle which allows a person to hang it from various places; Great! The silicon hosing is a plus to do without chemical irritation and the tip is just the right size for most rectums. The clamp works just like it should. This kit also includes a douche nozzle and an in/out catheter to cover just about all needs. I definitely recommend this kit for anyone who is interested in using a quality product for intestinal cleansing.

 -K. Dietz


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Kit, good price.,


I was looking to buy a non-plastic enema kit and found this one on Amazon. It has good reviews and I wanted to try it. After a few email exchanges with the seller, I bought the kit. It arrived on time and intact. All parts except for nozzle are steel and silicone which are safer than PVC.

The kit works well and I am happy that I bought it. A couple of suggestions for improvement of this product would be to provide a tight lid for the steel bucket so you can prevent spills and the other is to even make the nozzle silicone instead of plastic.

One good point I should mention is that the outlet of the bucket is located about an inch above the bottom so sediments of the enema solution (such as coffee ground) will not enter the tube.

Folks at the company were responsive in answering all my queries.

 -A Fan               


Sturdy construction, great Sanitation!

I have been doing home enemas for many years. While my plastic bucket that I purchase from my local cleansing center has always sufficed I decided to try this system. Here is what I like: the construction is solid. The gauge on the steel is heavy weight and well tooled. Especially helpful is the thin plastic catheter. Although I would personally prefer a rounded tip, insertions is comfortable. The thinness of the catheter enables one to receive more water in comfort. The tubing cconenctinf the bucket to the catheter is nice and long which means I have more flexibility with regard to where I place the bucket. One drawback is the clamp. Specific instructions are not given so I had a few moments of pause trying to figure out how it works. That said the clamp is secure-- a big plus. (angle the tubing in the center of the clamp and pinch it close.). The clean up was easy and although I have only used it a few times the staineles steel is nice if one does coffee or wheatgrass implants. Not staining. A bit pricey but I am very happy with my purchase.

-Carolina Blue