What Size Bucket Do I Need?

The average person can take in only 1 Quart (4 cups of solution) at a time.  Some can only take in only 2 cups of solution at a time.  

The larger the enema bucket, the less need there is to refill between enemas.  For those who like to do 2 enemas or more, back to back, a 2 quart size or greater is the correct choice.


1 Qt Bucket:          Compact and will hold only 1 enema.  Compact and Great for traveling

1.5 Qt. Bucket        Compact size and will hold 1-2 enemas (6 cups of solution)

2 Qt Bucket            Will hold up  2 enemas ( 8 cups of solution)

3.5 Qt Bucket         For those who prefer doing 2-4  enemas, back to back (holds 10 cups solution)