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Which Kit Is Right For Me?


What Type Of Enema Equipment Will Work Best For You


1.5 Qt Plastic Disposable Buckets : 

PROS-  Easy to read and see-through container.  Inexpensive beginner bucket for beginners who don't know if they will be doing enemas long term.  

CONS-   Material and can degrade over time.Designed to throw away after a small number of uses. Material can degrade over time.

3.5 Qt USA Made HDPE Plastic Bucket

PROS- Designed to last 3 years.  HDPE High Grade Plastic will not degrade like imports


Silicone Enema Bags:  

PROS-    See-through enema container so you can monitor the solution level.  Made of a silicone rubber that will not degrade.  They are good for water enemas.  Wide mouth for  cleaning inside.  Good for traveling as they are compact. 

CONS-  Not recommended for coffee enemas because the coffee will stain the bag.  Not recommended for essential oil enemas, as oil will adhere to the silicone bag.  More difficult to clean than buckets.  Bag should be replaced after 3 years of use.


Purelife USA Medical Grade Stainless Steel Enema Buckets

PROS- Durable, long lasting and easy to clean and sterilize.    Our USA medical grade stainless steel is designed to last a lifetime of use. Excellent for water, coffee, tea, wheatgrass and essential oil enemas.  Unaffected by coffee acids.

CONS-  Cannot see through the bucket to monitor enema solution. 


Purelife Patented Glass Enema Buckets:  

PROS-  Very best material you can use for enema use because it is purely non toxic. Very best enema container if you are doing water, coffee, essential oil, wheatgrass or probiotic enemas. Great for people with metal allergies. See-through with measuring lines to monitor solution.  Recommended for those with multiple chemical sensitivities.  Easiest to clean out of all choices!  Unaffected by coffee acids

CONS- Not recommended for beginners unless you can be careful in handling the bucket.  Glass will break if dropped or hit against a hard surface.  



Purelife Medical Grade Silicone Enema Tubing

img-1299-clamp-revisit.jpgWe only carry the highest grade of enema tubing, which is silicone.  Enema tubing is the 5 foot long tubing that connects to the enema bucket . It is a translucent color.  The enema water will flow through the tubing.  Enema tubing should be a non-toxic material that will not leech any chemicals into your body. 

 Medical Grade Silicone is the very best in materials for water enemas and coffee enemas.  It is absolutely non-toxic,extremely durable,  Bp and Latex free.  It is best for coffee enemas, because it cannot be degraded or affected by the acids in coffee. PureLife Silicone Enema Tubing is “Platinum Cured” which can tolerate high heat without breaking down.    PureLife Silicone Enema Tubing can be re-sterilized after use by dropping into boiling water for 5 seconds.


We do not recommend a PVC vinyl type enema tubing, as it is known to leach toxins.




Enema Tubing Clinch Clamp


PROS:  Using Thumb you can open the clamp to create the flow or push down to shut the flow off.   Clamp comes with every Purelife Enema Kit.

CONS:  Only 1 flow level.   (To make the flow less , you can lower the bucket height.  To increase the flow of the solution you can put the bucket at a higher height)





PROS:   Purchased separately.  This clamp you will roll with your thumb to either decrease or increase the flow.  More adjustable choices of flow speed.

CONS:  A little more difficult to maneuver than a clinch clamp style.




Medical PVC Enema & Douche Nozzle Set (Inserts into the rectum)

PROS: Rigid hard polished white medical plastic.  Smooth and easy to insert.   100% Non toxic.

Enema Tip is 3 Inches in length. Works well with colon tubes.  Easy to Clean.  Long lasting.


Silicone Enema Nozzle

PROS:     Silicone is a softer, slightly flexible material.   Yet very durable. 100% Non Toxic.    Can be re-sterilized in boiling water for 3 seconds.



Silicone Retention Nozzle - optional item

Retention nozzles are shaped slightly wider and longer than your traditional straight enema nozzle.  They are shaped especially to help plug up the rectal opening so that you can retain the enema solution or coffee solution longer.  It is an optional item.

PROS:  Makes retaining or holding in the enema solution easier. Hands free. Soft silicone makes insertion easy.  Can be re-sterlized in boiling water if necessary.

CONS:  none


Colon Tubes    an optional item.


PROS:  For those who prefer a thinner insertion than a traditional nozzle.  Works well for those with painful hemorrhoids.  Enables you to go higher up into the colon for higher cleansing.  Recommended by Gerson Institute for coffee enemas.      There are 3 choices for material:  PVC vinyl (which are disposable types)  latex rubber, or silicone.  They attach to your enema tubing using our colon tube connector.    They are recommended by Gerson Institute for coffee enemas.   


Check Flow Valve

An optional item in an enema kit.  A medical check flow valve is a very helpful item to have on your enema tubing,  as it prevents any enema solution from back-flowing back  into the tubing.   Often, due to natural air suction that occurs, enema solution can be sucked  out of the rectum into the tubing,  and will contaminate the tubing with bacteria. 

PureLife Check Flow Valves can easily be added onto any of our silicone enema tubing.  They cannot be boiled to sterilize.

Note:   If coffee grounds get into enema bucket and tubing, it could clog the check valve.  You can remove the check valve if you wish.  



Plastic Underbody Protective Sheeting

PROS:  Protects your towel area where you lie from spillage or leakage.  Inexpensive. Wipes clean for re-use.