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The PureLife 2 Qt Enema Kit is economical and easy to use.  The bucket is a 201 grade stainless steel enema bucket imported from India, and assembled in the USA. It is  BPA-and latex-free.  The stainless steel enema bucket is totally hygienic and can be easily sterilized.  

PureLife Enema Bucket Kits help anyone perform a water or coffee enema at home unassisted.  Easy to set up and use.  Colon cleansing hydrates the colon so toxins and waste are easily eliminated, helping the entire body to function more efficiently, and enable important food nutrients to be absorbed again through the intestines.  Holds 8 cups of solution. 


2 Qt Stainless Steel Enema Bucket - Non-Toxic Parts - Holds 8 cups of liquid - Imported from India

  • 5 Feet x 1/4" High Quality Medical Grade Silicone Tubing - FDA approved - BPA & Latex Free - (Can fit to Check Valve)
  • 1 Strong Medical Grade Tubing Clinch Clamp
  • 1 Straight In Silicone Enema Nozzle
  •  Purelife Enema Instruction Booklet 



Review by Suzie Cohen, "Americas Pharmacist" & National Syndicated Columnist suzy-cohen-1-150x111.jpg


Always choose what is most comfortable to you. I am just offering guidance for newbies, based upon my own research. Obviously, you will need an enema kit. I looked on Amazon and found a high-quality kit made by “Pure Life Enema” and had excellent reviews (thus, a very high rating).  It comes with two different tips for insertion, guaranteeing comfort. It includes a stainless steel bucket which I think is better than rubber or plastic. I bought this kit to closely examine it and check customer service, etc. I never like to recommend anything to you without first looking at it myself. It is awesome, looks very easy to use, and it met with my approval. You can certainly shop for enemas anywhere you want, or buy your own at many pharmacies, or another online retailer. Here’s the one I like, it’s about $50.00 USD: 



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    Makes enemas so much easier, sanitary and relaxing

    Posted by Tara on 30th Mar 2015

    I was using an enema bag before this product and I began to become concerned about if it was sanitary or not because the tubing is not clear like the one in this kit ... I couldn't see if it was being effectively cleaned. Also I was concerned about putting hot liquids in the rubber enema bag knowing that most materials leach into food/liquids, especially when heat is used as a catalyst. I love that this kit using BPA free tubing and tips not to mention the stainless steel bucket! Cleaning is much easier than the enema bag, filling with enema solution is much easier than using an enema bag AND its smaller than the bag, easy to store. As far as usage, the enema tip is comfortable to insert and the tubing is long enough to hang the bucket from the curtain rod (in my shower anyway) ... you can see the solution flowing as well as any air bubbles, so you know when the slow the solution down so that the air bubbles naturally rise to the top (this happens when the solution has nearly finished flowing). This way you can take in as much of the solution, without any air bubbles! There is also this cool check valve that I recommend you consider, although I have not tried it out, I may in the future ... it prevents any back flow from entering your tube ... making the process even more sanitary! I highly recommend this product!

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    Works great

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Sep 2014

    Works great and easy to clean. It is also the perfect size for 1 coffee enema.