Posted by Susan on 23rd Jun 2018

Do You Need a Colon Tube?


Colon Tubes are those 16 inch long red rubber or silicone tubes that attach to your enema nozzle so you can go higher into the colon for cleansing the colon or delivering the coffee enema.  Colon tubes are not a necessity yet many people love to use them for these reasons:

1)  They are thinner and are easier to insert for those with hemorrhoids

2) They can go higher up into the colon to cleanse higher up.

3) They are used by Gerson for delivering the enema coffee up higher .  

4) They can be easier to hold in, compared to the 3 inch nozzle.

If you do choose to try a colon tube, you have a few choices.  There is a red rubber latex type which is soft and flexible.  And there is the silicone colon tube, which is slightly more rigid.  Both have 2 holes or eyes on the side and a closed end.  The silicone colon tube will last longer as silicone is more durable. Latex rubber colon tubes should be thrown away after 20 uses.   And you can resterlize in in boiling water.  Latex you cannot.   But if you buy the silicone colon tube, you need to get a connector.  Ours comes with a connector.  

Another popular choice for those who prefer the thin colon tubes over using a nozzle, is the 4 foot long silicone colon tube, which we sell.   This is nice because it attaches directly to the enema bucket spigot.  So there is no need for the 5 foot enema hose and the 3 " nozzle.  It is much simpler to use, if you like colon tubes.