Posted by Mercola, Joseph; Herman, Jeffry. 2008. Dark Deception: Discover the Truth about the Benefits of Sunlight Exposure. Illinois. on 23rd Jun 2018

Heliotherapy - Get Some Sunshine

Sun Exposure Proven Therapeutic, While Avoiding Sun Harms HealthHeliotherapy is using the natural sunlight promote good health! But how did it get turned around so everyone is now fearing sunlight, p …

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Posted by E. Vale on 23rd Jun 2018

Choosing An Enema Nozzle

There are many enema nozzles on the market. So which one is right for you?  The difference in enema nozzles is in the material used, the shape, and the length.  For traditional enemas you ca …

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Posted by ellie on 23rd Jun 2018

Lymes Disease and Coffee Enemas

Having a die-off reaction when on a Lymes Disease program is common.  It is also known as the Herx reaction. Dying off of lymes, and bacteria, etc.  It can make you feel awful.   The go …

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Posted by Susan on 23rd Jun 2018

Which Water Is Best For Enemas?

Many people ask us which water is best to use for enemas. According to Gerson, distilled water is the best. It is going to be the cleanest water.  Next would be purified spring water or reverse o …

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13th Feb 2018

I Can't Hold the Coffee Enema In

Holding a coffee enema in for the required 15 minutes can often be most challenging.  Some have no problems at all.  So why would you have problems holding it in?  There are a few reaso …

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