Posted by Susan on 23rd Jun 2018

I Can't Hold the Coffee Enema In!

Help!  I can't hold the coffee enema in. What do I do?  Yes, we all know we are supposed to hold it in for 15 minutes so the coffee can completely circulate through the blood system and cleanse it completely. But what if you can only hold it in 5 minutes!   This is often the case with many people.  It is a challenge. 

So let's look at the reasons why your colon is having slight spasming and wants to push it out.

First, your colon could be full of food from last nights pizza party.  And the pizza doesn't want Mr. Coffee in the room!

That is why you should first clear your colon by doing a water enema before the coffee enema.

If you still have spasms, then it could be you are taking the coffee too fast.   Try slowing it down a little.  Let a little coffee in, and then clinch the clamp closed and wait until your body adjusts.  Then open the clamp and let a little more in.

Another reason for spasms is you are not using a clean coffee. 

You can also try making a weaker coffee solution.   Instead of 3 tablespoons, try 2 1/2 or 2.  Of course try to stick to the Gerson Recipe we provide, but possibly the coffee is too strong.

Don't get upset.  Relax and keep trying.

Adding a potassium solution under a doctor or naturopaths supervision has helped alot to reduce spasms in the colon. Or try adding chamomile tea to your coffee enema. Chamomile will help soothe the colon.   Or even do a chamomile tea enema before the coffee enema. You can learn about how to do a chamomile tea enema in THE LITTLE ENEMA BOOK.