21st Feb 2014

Are plastic enema buckets safe?

There needs to be mentioned some facts about plastic enema buckets and bags.  If you don't know

where the plastic comes from and what specific type of plastic it is made from, you are best off not using them. It is a fact that plastic can leech. Some plastics will break down slowly, releasing the chemicals into the enema water.

For coffee enemas, there are certain plastic containers that will be acceptable.  Those are the containers made of HIGH DENSITY Polyethylene or (HDPE).   That is going to be a sturdy translucent plastic enema bucket which is non-leeching, and would be safe for use with coffee enemas which have coffee acids.

I personally don't like using plastic.  Yes you can see through it, but I still feel uncomfortable using plastic.  Stainless steel is my choice for coffee acids especially.  But everyone has there own preference.  

Disposable plastic enema bags are called disposable because they are made of a PET rated plastic, which is designed to be thrown away after one use, because it will leech and break down.  So never use Polyethylene Terephthalate or (PET) plastic.  

Polycarbonate plastic enema containers, should be avoided because they contain BPA. Polycarbonate is a hard acrylic type plastic.