Posted by SE on 21st Feb 2014

Coffee Enema Cure

I need to share my own story on how coffee enemas detoxed my body. I had inhaled some seriously bad chemicals that sent my entire system into toxic shock, and shut down mode. My spine and nerves were affected.  I suddenly developed

autoimmune problems and was in bed for about 6 months, unable to walk much due to painful neuralgia in my feet . I also developed instant allergies to food as a result of these toxins in my system.

My adrenals were collapsed as well.  I had a bad case of shingles from this toxin in my system.  My friend told me about coffee enemas. She told me she had cured herself of a long time condition of exzema after doing the coffee enemas and following the Gerson Diet of juicing and raw vegan eating.  Made sense to me and I believed her. So I started doing coffee enemas 1x a day and juiced 4-5 times every day as well. I eliminated all processed foods and especially salt. 

After just 6 days I saw an 80 percent improvement!  The pain was almost absent.   After 1 month I was not only completely well, but actually could feel that all my cells had been re-born so to speak. I felt like I had a brand new body and I had more energy and stamina than I had in over 30 years.  

Coffee enema work.