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How High To Hang Your Enema Bucket

Posted by sunny on

The height you hang your enema bucket or enema bag determines how fast the flow will be through your tubing.

The higher the height, the greater the flow.  The lower the height, the slower the flow of enema solution.

We recommend placing or hanging your enema bucket or enema bag no more than 18 inches above your buttocks.

Placing an enema bucket on the toilet seat is a good height if you are lying on the bathroom floor while doing the enema.

How Fast Should The Enema Water or Enema Coffee Flow?

If you are doing a water enema, coffee enema, wheatgrass or essential oil enema, you do not want the flow to be fast and powerful.  Your body is not designed for that.

You want a gentle flow which is enough to get the solution into your body, but not so much that your body will want to push it right out.

For coffee enemas your body needs to adjust to this "caffeine" going into the colon.  So the slower the better.

Make sure the flow is enough to get the solution in.   If the bucket or bag is too low, and the flow is too weak, then you might not get any in at all.

Reason For Not Being Able To Hold The Coffee Enema In

One reason you may not be able to hold your coffee enema in the entire 15 minutes required or hoped for, is because you put the solution in too fast.   We dont know exactly why, but it seems when the solution goes into your body too fast, it just makes it harder to hold it in for 15 minutes.   

A Different Enema Tubing Clamp Can Help Adjust The Flow

There are 2 types of enema tubing or enema hose clamps. 

1) The Traditional Clinch Clamp  

This clamp can either be opened or shut.  There is no way to really adjust the flow.

2) The Enema Tubing Roller Clamp

 The Enema Tubing Roller Clamp  can be rolled with your thumb so that the pressure on the tubing can change, thereby allowing you to have a very open flow, or a lesser flow. You control the flow.

With this type of clamp you can hang or set your enema bucket at any height, because you can control the flow using the roller clamp on the enema tubing.

This type  of clamp only works with silicone enema tubing.  Not plastic or vinyl types.

Can I Do An Enema Standing Up?

Many people either don't want the bother of lying down for an enema, or they have mobility issues and cannot lie down.   We have seen many shower type enema systems that are designed for those standing up in the shower and want a quickie enema.  The answer to shower type enema systems is:  1) You dont [...]

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Are Coffee Enemas Dangerous?

Although the majority of people can do coffee enemas and get great benefits from coffee enemas, there are some people that should not do coffee enemas.  If you have any of the following, do not do coffee enemas:Currently undergoing chemotherapyb. Renal, cardiac or respiratory failurec. Bleeding and/or ulceration in the colon tractd. Ulcerative Colitise. Crohn’s [...]

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Coffee Enemas and Rebalancing the Electrolytes

This video talks about how coffee enemas can remove some minerals from your body and what you can do to replace them after your enema.

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Which Type Of Water Should I Use For An Enema?

This question is widely asked by our customers because people realize the extent of water contamination these days. As you can see from our videos, water is beautiful and abundant in our country.   Water is precious and valuable.  Unfortunately,  industries are using our waters as their dumping ground. And farming run off is seeping into [...]

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Balancing Electrolytes and Minerals After A Coffee Enema

A very important part of the coffee enema program is to replenish your body with electrolytes, minerals and nutrients after a coffee enema.  Why? Because you may lose some minerals after a coffee enema.  Very important is to drink freshly juiced organic juices for every coffee enema.  So that is 3 - 8 ounces juices [...]

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Lymes Disease and Coffee Enemas

Having a die-off reaction when on a Lymes Disease program is common.  It is also known as the Herx reaction. Dying off of lymes, and bacteria, etc.  It can make you feel awful.   The good news is that coffee enemas have been known to aid those going through the die-off.  Since coffee enemas help [...]

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Imports vs USA Made Enema Buckets

Choosing your enema equipment is an important decision.  Don't be fooled.   The market is flooded with cheap, lesser grade imports from China and India. A lesser grade stainless steel than stainless steel which comes from the USA and is manufactured here. The standards are different.   You get what you pay for.  Many people [...]

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Do You Have Aching Bones?

Aching bones can be a sign that your electrolytes and minerals need balancing.  Juicing green leafy vegetables can help to stop aching bones, because green vegetables, such as Chard, spinach, Kale, have lots of minerals.  Coffee enemas can deplete minerals from the bones, and it is recommended drinking 3 fresh organic juices per coffee enema. [...]

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Weight Loss and Raw Vegetable Eating

Many people on Gerson Therapy experience a rapid weight loss.  Why is this?  Simply put,eating raw vegetables burns up calories, and it improves your metabolism.  Improved metabolismburns up calories and utilizes the calories for energy.  It is incredible how much weight I lost after one month of the Gerson Therapy program.  I did one coffee enema [...]

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