Posted by se on 7th Aug 2019

Can I Do An Enema Standing Up?

Many people either don't want the bother of lying down for an enema, or they have mobility issues and cannot lie down.   We have seen many shower type enema systems that are designed for those standing up in the shower and want a quickie enema.  The answer to shower type enema systems is:  

1) You dont not want to use any water without a filter.  So your shower must have a water filter..a good one.

2) Standing up will not allow the water to reach thoroughly to all areas of your intestines.  Remember the intestines are very long and curve.  So standing will only reach the lower colon and not much of it.

The reason for the lying down positions is so the water can flow around the colon and lower intestines easily, thereby washing the debris off all the colon walls.   That is why there are many body positions for enemas.

For Coffee Enemas:

Only lay on the right side.

For Water Enemas:

You can lay on the right side, left side, on your back and on your knees in the rabbit pose.  

Use only distilled water when doing coffee or water enemas.  You can use purified water as well, but distilled will be the cleanest.   If you do not have access to clean water, you can boil water on the stove for ten minutes.