21st Feb 2014

osteoporosis- do coffee enemas help?

I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis recently. I was in shock. I wasn't very old and I had

been a former top US athlete. How could this be?? My bones hurt so bad that I could not shake someones hand without screaming in pain. I had trouble walking as well.

 But how did this occur?  The doctor calls osteoporosis a disease.

But  a naturopath student friend of mine, told me that is untrue. She said there are no "diseases".

She said doctors are labeling symptoms as "disease".  To her, everything which is a symptom occurring in the body, is not a disease but a symptom of either toxicity in the body, or lack of nutrients, which have caused a severe imbalance.

She explained to me she though my "osteoporosis disease" was actually an overgrowth of the nasty bacteria…

CANDIDA ALBICANS.  She asked me how my diet was, and I told her "not so good. sugar, breads , processed foods".  She was horrified. She told me to immediately start on the juicing and raw vegan diet in order to remove the CANDIDA ALBICANS.

So how could CANDIDA ALBICANS bacteria cause my bone pain?   She said "candida bacteria feeds off of calcium in the bones. It actually penetrates through the colon walls, where it grows, and starts making its way to the bones to feed off of the calcium. "   That is how it lives! It uses our bones and organs to feed off of, causing incredible imbalance.

She further instructed I do coffee enemas.   I did as she said, and in just 1 week all bone pain was gone!!