21st Feb 2014

Prop 65 California and Enema Coffee

For those who don't live in California, we have what is called Prop 65. This is a long list compiled by the State of California listing all products which can be cancer causing or carcinogenic to the body.   Have you ever walked into your local coffee shop in California and seen the Prop 65 sign and warning?  I have.  Coffee is listed as potentially carcinogenic or cancer causing to the body due to the fact that the cooking of the beans using fire, can burn the beans, and the burnt beans become carcinogenic.

We don't want that in our coffee enema, do we.  That is why coffee enemas are clean and safe using PureLife Enema Therapy Coffee which does not use traditional drum and fire roasting when cooking the beans.  We have a special air process that pops the skin off the coffee bean, rather than cooking it.  When the air pops off the skin, there is no way that any beans can burn and end up carcinogenic to the body.   Good news for coffee enema fans!  

I am not saying you cannot use regular store bought coffee. You can. But we also want you to know of the drawbacks.