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Tips For Holding In A Coffee Enema

Posted by Emily on

Anyone can have trouble holding a coffee enema in.  There may be days when you and your colon are calm and there are very few spasms, enabling you to keep the coffee in for the full 15 minutes needed.   If you can only hold it in 10 minutes, don't worry. But 15 minutes is what you aim for.

So what are the reasons for not being able to hold the coffee in?

   1)  Your colon is full, of poop,  and you need to do a water enema first

   2)  Your coffee solution is too strong

   3)  You are not relaxed

   4)  You are letting the coffee solution flow in too fast into the colon

   5)  Your colon is reacting to the stimulating effects of the coffee, and spasms.  Slight spasms will cause your body to want to push the coffee back out.

What are the solutions to holding the enema coffee in?

   1)  Do a water enema right before you do the coffee enema, so no poop is in the colon.

   2)  Keep the enema bucket low, and the solution flowing at a calm, slow pace.  You can allow some coffee solution in, and then shut your tubing clamp, and wait until your body has acclimated to the coffee being there.

   3)  Dilute the coffee solution slightly. It could be too strong.

   4)  Remember to breathe while doing your coffee enema.  Focus on your breathe.   If a spasm starts, I recommend doing quick, fast "puffs" of breathing.   Like a choo choo puff from your diaphragm with your mouth closed. Force the air puffs out both your nostrils.    This helps a lot.  I have often calmed the spasms and held the coffee in after doing the short, fast breathing puffs through the nozzles. 

    5)  Buy an enema retention nozzle.   Purelife enema retention nozzle is designed to help plug up the opening of the rectum, helping to hold the coffee in.  It is very popular and works very well.

    6)  Add potassium compound salt solution.  Simply dilute some powder in water and then add to your coffee enema and it will reduce spasms of 50% or more.   This product cannot be used by everyone, so check with your ND or MD first.  Potassium is part of the Gerson Therapy protocol.   Never use the potassium continuously.  You should stop after ten days of use, and then you can restart later on.

    7)  Listen to music and keep your mind clear and focused upward.  Use visualization on uplifting images.

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