Posted by SE on 22nd May 2014

Water or Coffee Enema- Whats the Difference?

It is so important to understand that the purpose of a water enema is to clear out the lower colon, allowing the natural process of evacuation to reappear, after being constipated.

The purpose of a coffee enema is not to clean the colon (although that does happen during a coffee enema), but rather to detoxify the liver.  The elements of coffee do in fact open up closed bile ducts, allowing the stored up toxins in the liver to finally be released. Those toxins, if they remain in the liver, cause the blood to become toxic as well, which in turn causes the entire body to be affected.

I have found for myself that doing a water enema, prior to the coffee enema helps to remove the waste in the lower colon, allowing then for a better coffee enema to follow. Why?  Once the lower colon is empty of waste,  it is easier to hold the coffee enema in for the full 15 minutes needed.  The coffee is also able to reach the liver easier.  Make sense?

If you do not do a water enema prior, then the coffee can stimulate the lower bowel, causing the need to have a bowel movement. So people often erroneously think that the coffee enema is great for removing constipation and they use the coffee to remove the colon waste.   But the coffee enema truly needs to be regarded as a liver detoxifier, and leave the water enema for clearing the lower colon.