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What Enema Kit is the Best

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Small Plastic Enema Buckets are for a short term use only. They are meant to be disposed of after 1 or 2 uses.  

Silicone Enema Bags are good for many many years.  They can last a lifetime, but we suggest getting a new one after a few years.  Silicone Bags can stain if you use coffee in them.  You can travel with them.  They are not as easy to clean as a bucket would be.  They are non-toxic.

 Stainless Steel Enema Buckets are for the more serious enema user, who wants a sturdy bucket that can easily be cleaned and re-sterlized.  Purelife USA Stainless Steel Enema Buckets should last a lifetime of us.  They are made of the very highest quality 304 USA Stainless Steel that will never rust.  They are non-toxic.

We also have an imported stainless steel enema bucket from India. This is a 202 food grade stainless steel and is a very good choice also, but it is not the higher quality as the USA made buckets.  Imported buckets will not last as long as a USA Stainless Steel Enema Bucket because the stainless steel is a lesser quality.  

For those with chemical sensitivities or for those who simply want the very best material that can be used in an enema,  we offer the Purelife Glass Enema Bucket. These are 100% non toxic,  and an excellent choice for those with MCS and those doing coffee enemas.