Posted by E. Vale on 23rd Jun 2018

Choosing An Enema Nozzle

There are many enema nozzles on the market. So which one is right for you?  

The difference in enema nozzles is in the material used, the shape, and the length.  For traditional enemas you can use a straight shape, a tapered shape, or a retention nozzle shape (which is larger).

The material choice is hard plastic, soft vinyl, or medical silicone, which is soft and flexible.

If you have painful hemorrhoids, you may find the tapered nozzle goes in best without pain. 

You do not have to have a large enema nozzle.  3 inch in length is fine and a small diameter so it will go into the rectum easy.  The tissues around the rectum are delicate and you don't want to tear them using a large nozzle that you might see on other websites.

There is a special type of nozzle used for coffee enemas, called the Retention Nozzle.  This nozzle is slightly larger and shaped differently than the traditional straight nozzles.   It is shaped in such a way that after you insert it into the rectum it will aid in plugging up the opening of the rectum so that coffee enema solution wont leak out.  The retention nozzle helps you to be able to relax and lay there hands free without having to hold the nozzle in.  it is important to relax during the enema and not fight to hold the enema in.

Silicone material is known as the highest quality material for long lasting durability.  It will last longer than the vinyl tapered nozzles.   

Cleaning the nozzle is easy with an enema tubing and nozzle cleaning brush designed to fit into the small opening.