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Chronic Gas or Flatulence

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If you find you have chronic gas in the colon or flatulence you must look at your diet.   The main causes of flatulence is the types of food you are consuming, and the combinations of food you are eating at one time.  Combining certain foods together, such as starch and meat, create a combustion which causes gas.  It is a chemical reaction.   Those types of food do not break down in the colon easily and stay there and purify causing havoc in the colon.

Try avoiding high fat, fried foods, and sugar based foods.   Instead eat fresh fruits and vegetables for a while, as these will have the roughage and fiber needed to keep the bowels moving.

Water enemas are excellent for clearing the colon of the flatulence. 

Chemicals in foods and bacteria are another culprit for flatulence and gas.  

Another cause of gas is trapped food in the colon called " diverticulosis. " This is a pocket that can appear in the colon where food can get stuck.  Again, enemas can help remove the food stuck in the pocket.